Avalanche Hit Karimabad, Hunza

Yesterday, a huge avalanche fall in Ultra Nula of Karimabad, Hunza. The dust created by the avalanche has covered Karimabad. Four, people were said to be missing and rescue mission of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance and the volunteers from the local communities are searching for the missing people. May the precious lives of the missing by safe!!!


Dr. Asma, A Real Face of Gilgit-Baltistan

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“I did my basic schooling from Public School and College Jutial,Gilgit. I went to Aga Khan Higher Secondary School (AKHSS), Hunza for my Secondary and Higher secondary schooling. I have done my MBBS from Aga Khan University (AKU) and I will start my residency in Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia in June 2018.

I wasn’t really attracted to Medicine since the beginning like it is for many doctors, but during college it presented itself as a decent career choice and I took it as a challenge to get into AKU since no one from AKHSS Hunza had ever been able to get into AKU. I am extremely happy with my choice of career now, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in medical school and I can’t wait to start my residency.

Every day, a doctor is presented with a different challenge that is intellectually stimulating which keeps our curiosity alive, and we make a very noble connection with our patients.
My parents have been my rock throughout this journey. They have worked hard throughout their lives and showed us the value of hard work and education. They wholeheartedly supported my decision of studying in AKU even though it brought significant financial burden. I owe them everything.

My message to the youth: Through my time in AKU and AKHSS, I have realized that the choice of the institution for your education is extremely important. An institution would not only give you a degree but during your journey through it, you will develop your personality, the character and values of that institution will be inculcated in the fabric of your personality and that’s how you will develop as a person as well as a professional. So, strive hard to make yourself a part of such an institution. Make it a point to constantly give back to your community, guide your juniors and bring your services to help people.

Finally, in light of the rampant suicides it need to be said that in life we all constantly struggle, your idea of success will constantly evolve over the years so don’t think of a setback as failure and don’t define your life based on it. Think of it as an opportunity to reflect on life. If you are struggling with depression seek help and if you think someone is struggling, offer help or reach out to someone who can help them.”
-Asma Gulab, Murtazaabad, Hunza

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Flavors of Hunza, GB at Ocean Mall Karachi

Hunza Festival, Ocean Mall, Karachi

The show of cultural Nobilities of Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan are thriving and mesmerizing, citizens of Karachi with all super flavors of the heavenly characters. It includes fairy awaking music and dance; the cuisines which give long life to mortal being beyond imagination, as well as arts and crafts, in addition to pure Gems and Stones.

The Festival will continue till March 30, 2018.

Novroz Mubarak

novroz mubarak

Hunza Festival, Ocean Mall Karachi

Celebrating the natural gifts and made by Humans of Hunza, the divinity filled cultural activities, honey, dry fruits, and arts and crafts of Hunza at with the enthusiasts people of Karachi.

Do enjoy the paradisaical music of Hunza with the godly sword dance directly from Majestic valley of Hunza.

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