Who We Are?

Dear Reader,

We are some conscious minds concerned with values of humanity aimed to contribute to create awareness on matters of dignity of human beings all across the world without any discrimination on the basis of geography, ethnicity, language, colour, religion, gender or any other form.

This platform is dedicated to one of the most charming, beautiful, and heavenly places on earth, but where people are forced to live in deplorable conditions by tyranny of some fellow beings, people of Gilgit-Baltistan have been deprived from their fundamental human rights for decades.

This is a voluntary platform were we intend to raise awareness through use of multiple sources and areas, such as education, art and music, culture, politics, economic activities, gender and development. We cordially invite people interested to serve the area of Gilgit-Baltistan to contribute their time, knowledge, skills, finances and other material and nonmaterial resources they are capable of in order to uplift and promote the fundamental human rights and values of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Team of G-B Times

Team Members and Contributors

   shaheenMs. Shaheen Shn,

Shaheen has completed MA (International Relations) from Karakuram University, she was the top position holder in her session. Shaheen belongs to Hunza, Karimabad. She has won several regional and national awards for debate competition in English Language. She has been an active and leading member of the Dramatic Society of the Karkuram Internatinal University and represented her institution at the  national level.


samar Khan  Mr. Samar Khan 

Samar Khan belongs to a beautiful valley of Darel, Gilgit-Baltistan. He has completed his graduation from the Jama Millia College, Karachi and now he is serving back in his native region by spreading the Nur (light) of education at Govt. High School Gayal, Darel. Darel District is a mystery for many people who have heard indirectly constructed stories by non-natives. Here, now we have the voice of Darel from its heart through of one of his proud son.

10 Responses to Who We Are?

  1. Nazir Sabir says:

    Dear Abbas + all

    Just went through your intro and am putting this brief comment.

    Please see few spelling corrections needed above…..like concerned!

    Keep the great work going and you all may be blessed!

  2. Hyder Abbas says:

    Gilgit-Baltistan Cabinet Announced
    Minister of Kashir & Gilgit-Baltistan affairs Miaan Manzoor Watto and CM G-B Syed Mehdi Shah has announced the decisive list of six ministers in a press confrnce here in Islamabad. The decision came after some re-adjustments were done in which Mr Naseer from Astore is now replaced by Mhd Jaffer from Ghanche and Naseer is given the charge of Co-ordinator to the CM.
    According to the sources the G-B cabinet constitutes, dr. Ali Madad Sher frm Ghizer, Haji Gulber (JUI) from Diamer, Mohs Ismaeel and Mohd Jaffer from Ghanche, Wazeer Shakeel from Skurdu and Mohd Ali Akhtar from Hunza-Nagar. Member of PPP Central Executive council Mohd Musa and Mohd. Naseer will co-ordinators to the CM while Ms Sadia Danish and Aftab Hyder are given the charge of Advisors to the CM. after the aoouncment CM Maehdi Shah and Manzoor Watto told press that its now time to build up the region, and this formation of cabinet was a milestone and now it will open the doors for the economic development.
    It is to be noticed that except Haji Gulber, all the cabinet members belong to PPP. There is a strong concern from some of independent MLAs from Gilgit and other regions and consequently a strong opposition comprising, PML(Q), Independent, MQM and PML(N) is expected, which is going to be big challenge for the newly formed govt.

  3. Sher Ahmed Sherazi says:

    Dear GB Times Team,

    You have a broader platform. You are not restricted to a particular creed, race and language. You have duel responsibilities. Giving the true picture of the society and lead the society as well as the authorities to solve the problems that persist in our society for last many decades. Share the comments of readers. Educate and lead them. Your goals are difficult but possible. Your determination, enthusiasm and constant efforts are your tools. Keep it up you will see the results.
    God Bless you!

  4. imran khan says:

    nice plat form to disscuss about gilgit baltistan region

  5. Sajjad Haider (KIU) says:

    Bravo to all the dashing and dedicated team of GB Times. I wish I could be part of this terrific initiative… Wish you rousing success!

  6. Samir khan says:

    well done guys keep it up it is a great thought.

  7. Gulzar Hussain Baltistani says:

    Dear GB Times Team,

    My heartiest congratulations to you on commencing such a fruitful website for our beautiful homeland. I hope this platform will represent the cultural shared values, geographical importance and historical existence of Gilgit-Baltistan.
    Wish you all success in your aim.

    God bless you!!!

  8. salman says:

    Bravo…! wish u all the best GB times.

  9. great job GBtimes, keep it up n wish u all the best..

  10. Azam Baig Tajik says:

    An excellent add to knowledge society – keep it up

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