A tale of horror: How an 8 year old boy tortured, killed in Gilgit


The cave where the boy was killed and dumped


GILGIT: An eight year old boy, murdered by his friends on Sunday in cold blood, had been sexually abused by the killers three months back in Gilgit, investigators revealed on Tuesday.

In a bid to refrain him from divulging the secret of the sexual assault, the assailants killed the boy brutally, and dumped his body in a cave near Gilgit River.

They cut his ears, smashed his head with stones, stabbed and finally strangulated leaving him in a pool of blood 500 meters from his home in Majini Muhalla – a residential area in Gilgit.

The arrest of Killers however resolved the mystery surrounding the murder of the eight years old boy.

Hasnain had earlier gone missing on Saturday, saddening the town as his parents and relatives made announcements though mosque loudspeakers.

What actually happened

Between 4.30pm to 5.00pm on Saturday, Shoaib, 16, allegedly tempted the kid by offering to buy him a CD from Dar Plaza market at Gilgit. The young Hasnain got tempted and accompanied Shoaib, who also happens to be his neighbor.

The killer, on one or the other pretext, took him to river which lies on a five- minute walk from Dar Plaza. Two of his accomplices – Abrar and Osama who are 14 and 15 years of age respectively – followed them without being noticed.

By the time they reached the river, the day light had already faded. Shoaib pushed the young kid into the cave where he tortured him to death, while his accomplices stayed at some distance to keep a vigil on the passerby.

What the relatives say

Naseem Khan, an uncle of Hasnain, told ‘Outpost’ the main killer accompanied them as they launched a search to find out the ‘missing’ Hasnain. “Shoaib was accompanying us throughout the day and night as we went door to door to know the whereabouts of our child,” said Khan, who is a businessman in Gilgit.

“He didn’t leave a slightest impression that he was the one who killed our baby.”

The relatives next day lodge a complaint with the police station about missing of the boy.

How the killers were arrested


In-charge CIA Gilgit, sub-inspector Muhammad Tariq

In-charge CIA Gilgit, sub-inspector Muhammad Tariq, who was heading the investigation said when he got the complaint on Sunday, he decided to take help from CCTV cameras first to trace the boy. “To being with, I thought to sought help from CCTV footage,” Tariq told Outpost.

“I sat with my staff in the CCTV cameras room and focused on footage that was recorded from 4.00pm to 5.00pm on Saturday. “We zeroed in on the kids in the Dar plaza to recognize the boy of which we had a latest picture,” said Tariq, whose efforts helped resolve the case in the shortest possible time in the region.

Tariq said luckily they found Hasnain and Shoaib in the footage. “We immediately called the relatives of the boy and they recognized both.”

Shoaib was then seen taking Hasnain towards Domyal area Gilgit River in other footages.

Inspector Tariq says when he went to Shoaib home and met him there, he refused. “However he confessed his crime later on and guided police towards the cave where the body was dump.”

Inspector Tariq said the killer also confessed to have abused the boy three months ago. “The boy often threatened me to divulge the information to his father. This was why I decided to kill him,” Shoaib told police during investigation.

Superintendent police Gilgit, Ali Zia said the arrest was possible due to the CCTV cameras that were fixed in the town to curb crime.

Though child abuse cases are rare in Gilgit, yet they do happen. Two months back, a four years old boy was kidnapped from a mosque by a drug addict and killed him. The killer was reportedly a mentally challenged person.

Child sexual abuse in Pakistan

Pakistan’s government does not release frequently updated statistics for child sexual abuse. But according to Sahil, an Islamabad-based activist group, cases of child sexual abuse covered by the media grew from 668 in 2002 to 2,788 in 2012. Courtesy 


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