Dispute over Sost Dry Port affecting Business

Why the 2 Chinese workers went to the V. Chairman’s office? And why they argued with the v. Chairman? I  am surprised Gulsher is the PRO of Joint venture company, what is his educational qualification?

However, Mr. Zafar Iqbal has a notorious reputation for playing tricks with political backing of PPP and considered to be a stooge of some malignant PPP leaders based in Pakistan. Here at this time he may have a right stance.

Mehboob Rabbani stats, One thing more I want to add here, the actual difference between these two partners (SINO TRANS and SRDPT) is that, before the establishment of this JOINT VENTURE company a mutual agreement was signed by these two partners. The agreement protects both partners’ rights and conferred the powers to the Chairman and V. Chairman. 60% and 40% is partners share and definitely the rights and powers according to the shares as mentioned. That agreement is already expired and a new agreement will be signed on the light of the previous agreement. Our beloved Chinese side of the company wants a V. Chairman and directors, according to their wish. Who just says to them, yes sir, no sir, and prolong the agreement as signed in 2002. Which protects the interests and rights of the Chinese side company.  Further, they are using some of the local puppets to make the situation worse and get sympathies.

Pak-China Sost Port, is a joint venture company totally a commercial project. All its interest and benefits are based on commercial rules and regulations. There is an agreement between SINO trans and SRDP. ( Over) both the stakeholder have their rights and limitations. There may be some differences or conflicts between them. So you all people here on this site, please make me understand, what is the way to solve these matters, differences and conflicts through business rules and regulations? Is that the way to enter the office of v. Chairman with a knife? Yes PRC is our friendly country, but we don’t have any right to deal with them? From SRDP, if the shareholder elected Zafar Iqbal through constitutionally, who are these chines workers not accepting him? And what is the reason they are scared to see him as V.C?


2 Responses to Dispute over Sost Dry Port affecting Business

  1. Karim Ali says:

    In my view in every agreement the last main point is termination of the contract/agreement. In this clause both they parties has the right to terminate the contract/agreement within in a notice termination period.The reason can be any, may be no satisfactory relation, no profit etc.. In this situation if the agreement period is already expired then the partnership is automatically terminated, so the Chines has not right to event enter in to the office. As this is the property of the local shareholders and are the custodian of SRDP which also exist in the territory of Pakistan. If the Chines company is demanding that they have 60% share in SRDP, we have the proper answer that this was only for a business agreement for a specific time period. The agreement needs to be read carefully and make a proper case study to resolve the conflict. As the Chines company has some terrorist employees so the SRDP should send a request to the President of Pakistan through GB Assembly to notify these staff as terrorist and also notify the Chines company as blacklist company. If the Chines terrorist trying to influence then all the peoples (male/female/youth) and Awami Action Committee should come out and through them out as we all did this in the past against a hotel.

    This is the best time to review the agreement in a professional manner and transfer the authorities Chairman should be Pakistani national and the V. Chairman should be from the partner company. You all know in the past due to political influence they made this company only for their own interest so , till date their is no audit report. We all Gojalies and well wishers should give join hand to Zafar Sb. Due to his vision of business knowledge of the local circumstances and political situation in GB he can make a difference.

  2. i have mentioned few times that there are bunch of people in the area who are trying to play different types of games to run their business and to be in the politics.People of Hunza Gojal are educated and we should all understand the importance of the port for Gil git Baltistan even for the rest of the country itself.We should all know the politics and should be well aware of the situations happening in our surroundings.We have a good image within the country and outside of the country,we should all try to keep alive the status we have today and be aware of those who are trying to make our area polluted by playing different games.

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