Teachers Appointed on Merit in Baltistan – Cheif Minister is Upset

Baltistan: In an unpreventable way under the pressure of the Civil Society of Gilgit-Baltistan and Judiciary an independent and meritorious test of the all those candidates of Teachers who were previously appointed based on corruption and kickbacks have been selected and rejected.  The first phase was held in Baltistan where many candidates with high profile political links and support have seen the door out including the niece of Chief Minister and many of his relatives and the son of Agriculture Minister, his daughter in law and Son in Law as well as the daughter of the Investigation Committee as they have been failed to pass the test.

File Photo

At the same time it was time of joy and celebration for many candidates who have passed the test of merit and would be serving the younger generation of the nation of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Let’s celebrate here the approach and efforts of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan and the members of Civil Society including Media for making this happen. It does show that in Gilgit-Baltistan people know to get their rights no matter whoever is trying to snatch their rights, and they are very particular about the fairness to ensure quality education.

The selection committee for the tests was comprised of the educational officer from Hunza and Gilgit, to maintain impartiality. Although, there was an immense pressure from the Chief Minister to influence the appointment process of the teacher, but the selection committee nobly and dignifying resisted all the pressure and appointed teachers on merit. Previously it is said that the Chief Minister and one of his cronies named as Kachu Fayaz (Commonly known as Money Machine of CM) have appointed teacher after taking Rs. 300,000 to 400,00 per post of the teacher.


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