The Ismaili Supreme Council for Gilgit, Chitral and CA – Regional Councils

A memorable Picture of shared by Ikram Beg of the  Ismaili Muslims Council for GB, Chitral and Central Asia with president of council Mir Muhammad Jamal Khan of Hunza in 1973. It was an independent Council Serving the Social and Welfare activities in Gilgit and Chitral under the benevolent guidance of Prince Karim Aga Khan IV. The members of this council were responsible for successfully developing many of the current Aga Khan Development Network (ADN) organizations such as Aga Khan Education Services and Aga Khan Health Services beside the initiatives for religio-cultural development. However, today there are several regional  Council of Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral, and are working under the National Council for Pakistan, which has a dominant authority and in fact the regional councils are more of rubber stamps and ineffective. Therefore, a dominant majority of the Ismaili Muslims is seeking to restore the status of the earlier Supreme Council for Gilgit and Chitral  to push out the domination of the Khoja (More Indian based) Khatiyawadi interventions in the all religio-cultural and social development initiatives. An overwhelming majority of Ismailies of Gilgit-Baltistan feels that their cultural based religious practices have been distorted and have been brought to a point of elimination by the Kathiyawadi (a segment of Khowajas) dominated national leadership who have an economic advantage over the developing economies of Gilgit and Chitral. In fact, this fact has been academically as well been accepted and recognized.  Although changing the current positions of the councils in Pakistan may not be an easy task to achieve as it is a faith related matter too, but struggle in the right direction could pave the way to meet it.


2 Responses to The Ismaili Supreme Council for Gilgit, Chitral and CA – Regional Councils

  1. jibran Hayat says:

    “regional councils are more of rubber stamps and ineffective. ”

    This is just rubbish , they have regional authority to deal the situation of Ismailies.


    We have no such issue , they write has naively said.

    Ismail from Hunza/jibran Hayat

  2. hadi daoun says:

    انا هادي ضعون من سوريا مدينة سلمية انا من الطائفة الاسماعيلية عمري 40 سنة متزوج وعندي طفلان الاول سومر وعمره تسع سنوات والثاني زين العابدين وعمره خمس سنوات
    نتيجة للاوضاع التي تمر بها بلادي ان حياتي وحياة اطفالي معرضة للخطر الكبير ارجوا المساعدة في انضمامي اليكم في استراليا وشكرا

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