Markhor Hunting in Gilgit-Baltistan


The temperatures during the Hunting Season (NOV-MAR) are quite moderate in all the meadows of Southern Pakistan, (ordinary fleece + a light jacket will do), however, in northern areas, they can be extremely cold and can go down many points below zero degree centigrade. Excessive snow and ice on higher mountain slopes may hinder your approach So very good clothing and climbing boots with gaiters and crampons may be required. 

On confirmation of the hunt, we always provide you a comprehensive clothing & equipment list


The official hunting season begins on 01 October & ends on 31 March. However, this season varies in each province. For example, it’s 01 Oct – 23 April in the Northern Areas and 15 Nov – 15 Mar in Punjab and so on. The best time to hunt anywhere in Pakistan is between Mid November & Mid January, This is the time when most of vegetation is covered with snow on the mountain but still available at lower altitudes, like meadows, gullies, ravines, alluvial fans & places near the villages and roadsides. So the animals migrate to these lower pastures and can be hunted easily but if one gets too late, the walks-n-stalks in deep snow on steep ridges become difficult, though, the game is still visible in abundance at lower altitudes.


While in the habitat, our hunting safaris are managed by a team of professional hunters and experienced guides, game watchers, game scouts, cooks, sardars, porters and drivers. 4WD Jeeps, porters or pack animals carry all food, camping & kitchen gear including your personal baggage. All you need to carry is nothing more than your binoculars, while your day pack which may include your spotting scope, tripod, spare ammo, water bottle, rain gear, camera, personal medicines (if any) & other items of your choice & your gun will be carried by our staff.


Food on all trips is plentiful, healthy, wholesome & varied prepared by experienced cooks trained in kitchen & table hygiene.  The day begins with a cup of tea or coffee in your tent, followed by a full breakfast which includes cereal, milk, eggs, bread, paratha (chapati), jam, honey, corn flakes etc. We always try to serve you hot lunches, however, in lieu of several constraints, we serve cold lunch which may include bread, chicken nuggets, boiled eggs, crackers, cheese, nuts, fruit, juice, fish, salad & tea/ coffee. Dinner is served around 7:30 pm & includes soup, followed by 2 to 3 main courses of stews, rice, lentils, vegetables, chicken or mutton and chapattis. There is always a desert  (custard, pudding,

kheer, halwa or sheer khorma) at the end of dinners which is served with coffee or tea.




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