Dead Ears and Blind Eyes of Legislatures and Marginalized Human

By: Rais Kamil Jan

Gilgit: Today While Crossing Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly, I found Special People sitting in Front of Gilgit.Baltistan Legislative Assembly and their representative were Demanding from Police Officer’s for meeting with Legislative Members. After Inquiry about the issue, they briefed that, they are social worker’s of Nasir-a-Bad Hunza and they brought this Special People Group here for making “Special People Certificate’s in DHQ-Hospital. Instead of helping those social worker’s and Young Reformers they out rightly rejected their request and told them to take all the People back, as they are not able to help them.

While sitting with them silently in Front of Assembly, Everyone crossed while Neglected Innocent Faces Including their Respective Areas Member. Only Mr. Nawaz Khan Naji and Mr. Naseer Khan from Astore, came forward and they assured them for helping them in making that Certificate with some instant financial Support.
I feel so bad for the Legislative Assembly Members those Neglected Special People Sitting in front of the Assembly Building.  Where are Community organizations in Hunza, So called the Community Organization? GB is turning into “Silent Society”


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