SSP and two army officers killed in Chilas firing incident

Three people, including a Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Diamer and two army officers, were killed on Tuesday as their convoy came under attack in Gilgit-Baltistan’s Chilas area.

According to DawnNews, unknown gunmen opened fire on a government convoy in Chilas, killing SSP Diamer Muhammad Hilal and two army officers Colonel Ghulam Mustafa and Captain Ashfaq Aziz on the spot.

Moreover, three officials were reported severely injured in the attack.

Later, a heavy contingent of police headed by Inspector General (IG) arrived at the scene to inspect the Diamer district and apprehend the culprits.

Meanwhile, Gilgit-Baltistan chief minister Mehdi Shah strongly condemned the incident, terming it an act of terror. He directed authorities to launch immediate investigations into the incident. Dawn

Views of GB Friends:

Tahira Jabeen Noor

I am so horrified yet not surprised at the killing of top officials of security personnel on KKH yesterday. This is certainly a condemnable act just like other such condemnable incidents. I also condemn those who either support them, silent on this menace and also have sympathies with the killers. I also condemn those who are living in a state of denial that dimmer read Chilas has become a breeding ground and nursery for religious bigots,pagans,extremists and terrorists. Let’s gather some courage, echo the sentiments and the demand for a decisive combat to be launched in Chilas. They should straight away launch an operation to get the culprits apprehended and execute them on public chowks. if security or government cannot deal with hand fill terrorists, then They should simply take off their uniforms and go home. Allow the public to take the law in their hand and defend themselves. I pity and envy both the security agencies. Just one dozen terrorist came, attacked jail and got their companions freed. The whole country’s security apparatus became a passive and disable spectator. Shame shame on Govt, ISI and Army for their shameful defeat against few hundred terrorists. I wonder how shall we trust them, whether they can defend boundaries or not. Feeling disgusted at this pathetic situation. Feeling sorry for the lost and heart felt condolence to their families.


4 Responses to SSP and two army officers killed in Chilas firing incident

  1. Usman Mehsood says:

    Military Operation Please!!!

  2. ASHFAQ says:

    I feel pity and fear at the same time for our so called SECURITY AGENCIES..either ARMY, POLICE or else..Who are supposed to protect masses around are themselves not protected and in other words, cant protect themselves, how a traveler passing through death valleys of CHILAS and KOHISTAN may have the sense of security.

    Its not the very first incident, we have seen 4 events before, Questioning the efficiencies, abilities worth ,competence and willingness of the STATE in particular and the Provincial government in general pertaining responsibilities towards Public security .Eventually it has now become an irrefutable fact that WRIT of the government is not seen anywhere. either CHILAS, LOLOSAR, KOHISTAN or NANGAPARBAT…

    Authorities didn’t learn a lesson from the previous episodes and now situation deteriorated to the extent that such high officials have been martyred and should I have the courage to declare that the TERRORISTS having done this crime would never be apprehended.too..

    What could be done before and what was done, its really a BIG question.
    Do our authorities lack courage, resources, capabilities or they have become senseless?
    Whats the ultimate motive and Repercussion of these BARBARIC activities?

    There is now no doubt, regarding TTP influence, operational abilities, local sympathies for TTP and the negligence and criminal in-capacitance of local authorities of DIAMER district and the willful campaign of LOCAL JIRGA for the backing of people involved in these GENOCIDES where no evidence is needed, VIDEOS on social media being more than enough.

    What we can conclude from the performance of State Authorities, Security Agencies and Local government is that, now time is approaching, where a common man is supposed to defend and secure his life and honor himself as now people may declare an ASTRAYED confidence towards the STATE .

    • Dr.Abbas says:

      Dear Ashfaq, your fear is very true and be comfort as now the govt. will act very offensively as this time their dears and nears are been targeted. In past hundreds of GBiens were slaughtered and the govt. organs were playing hide and seek and other various delaying tact with the people of Gilgit Baltistan. Not a single culprit apprehended before foreigners killing as locals lives in the eyes of govt is like animals.when ever we raised voice we were crafted as agents of enemies. Further more these now called terrorists were assets of of establishments and were well supported and trained in past. What we have sowed now we have to reap.

  3. RIP Col Mustafa Jamal Khan…martyred in Chillas, Gilgat.. hails from my native Khangarh…
    His parents were our family freinds… heart goes with the family… Just read about his demise in Newspaper. Mustafa a smiling cute chap used to drop Sisters for College… He was a blue eyed of sisters and Mena Aunty….haven’t seen him for decades but heard he grew bushy beard and was very religious soul… Mustafa delivered a pride for all Khangarhites

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