[News] Saudi Freed By the Court for Raping and Killing Daughter

Fayhan al Ghamdi 300x208 Saudi gets off light for raping, killing daughter

RIYADH: A Saudi preacher who raped his five-year-old daughter and tortured her to death has been sentenced to pay “blood money” to the mother after having served a short jail term, activists said yesterday.

Lamia Al-Ghamdi was admitted to hospital on Dec 25, 2011 with multiple injuries, including a crushed skull, broken ribs and left arm, extensive bruising and burns, the activists said. She died last Oct 22.

Fayhan Al- Ghamdi, an Islamic preacher and regular guest on Muslim television networks, confessed to having used cables and a cane to inflict the injuries, the activists from the group “Women to Drive” said in a statement. They said the father had doubted Lama’s virginity and had her checked up by a medic.

Lama al Ghamdi Saudi gets off light for raping, killing daughter

Randa Al-Kaleeb, a social worker from the hospital where Lama was admitted, said the girl’s back was broken and that she had been raped “everywhere”, according to the group.

According to the victim’s mother, hospital staff told her that her “child’s rectum had been torn open and the abuser had attempted to burn it closed”.

The activists said that the judge had ruled the prosecution could only seek “blood money and the time the defendant had served in prison since Lama’s death suffices as punishment”.


2 Responses to [News] Saudi Freed By the Court for Raping and Killing Daughter

  1. is this true Islam, crazy people in Pakistan think KSA is the role model for Islam my Dear KSA has spiritual places not spirituality , has foundation of Islam in binging not the Islam, they are like us just following under pressure from USA

  2. Silverfish says:

    You could print reports of violence and sexual assaults being carried out upon domestic workers from poor countries working in the Middle East and the Gulf States as an awareness programme. Pakistanis working there are also included.

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