[News] Financial Bankruptcy of Gilgit-Baltistan Govt.

Gilgit (Monitoring Desk): On the new year the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) responsible for the disbursement of the salaries of govt. employees as a govt. owned bank posted the following notice in its branches in Gilgit-Baltistan which read ‘ Provincial government account has been seized and no check will be honored. The salary of government officials has not been received as well’

This is the glimmer condition of the financial position of PPP led provincial government of Pakistan. There not  enough funds for the development projects in Gilgit-Baltistan also they don’t have enough money to pay to its employee. The federal govt. of Pakistan transfers bit by bit on an adhoc basis the limited amount to Gilgit-Baltistan which is creating a precarious condition.

Notice by National Bank1

Two days after the appearance the above note from the NBP the federal government has transferred the thrust quenching amount to government of Giglit-Baltistan. Now the politicians and finance ministry of the GBLA is attacking the NBP for the above notice instead of turning their guns at federal government who have made them insulted and ashamed in public by not releasing the required money.