[Feature] Centurion Celebrations of Govt. High School Karimabad Hunza

The Alma Meta of thousands of bright minds of Hunza the Govt. High School Karimabad was established in 1912 as the only formal school system in Hunza. The school had a geographical coverage from Click to Mayoun which was the jurisdiction of the Hunza state covering the modern day Khunjarab to Khizerbad.  The current High School of Karimabad was started in 1912 only with a few students of 10 pupils and at the time the medium of instruction was Persian language as Hunza was not still part of Subcontinent and was having relationship and was part of larger Central Asia. However, with accession to Pakistan in 1948 the medium of instruction had become Urdu, but with the passage of time as Urdu has lost its significance as an effective mean of education the School  has adopted now English as a medium of instruction.

At the time of 1912 Hunza was ruled by a Mir and was a princely state divided in three main regions of Shinaki, Centeral Hunza and Gojal. The school until 1980 was the only high school in Hunza so had served to people of all three regions. Today most of the educated people serving at higher position at various forums either in Govt, NGOs or private sector have had their education from this great institution.

When the school was first open in 1912 the literacy rate of Hunza was 0% and today the literacy rate of Hunza is above 90% much higher than the national average of 50%. To boost up the literacy rate of Hunza the graduates of Govt. High School Karimabad have played a great role. The graduate of the school who have passed just primarily level in those old day spread across Hunza in far-flung tiny villages and started educating young minds as a result today Hunza is the valley with highest literacy rate.

The pictorial presentation of the celebration show the love and dignity attached to this school by the people of Hunza and their thrust of Education. The quality of education and discipline in this school is in no way lesser than that of any good private school of modern day Hunza. The community and teachers of the school who have served in this school over time deserve greatest of appreciation and praise.

The participation of Governor Gilgit-Baltistan Pir Karam Ali Shah and Speaker Wazir Baig also shows that the govt of Gilgit-Baltistan is very serious at least in the promotion of education in the region and is on their top priority.


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