[News] President Zardari Meets GB Council – Talks on Gilgit-Kashmir Road

Shoib (Islamabad): In a meeting held at President House, Islamabad with the Governor Gilgit-Baltistan Pir Karam Ali Shah, Chief Minister Syed Mehdi Shah, and members GB Council, Zardari stated that with the collaboration of China a Highway will be built between Gilgit and Kashmir.

This road will be the shortest and saftest travel route for the people of Gilgit-Baltistan to travel to southern cities of Pakistan. At the same time this road will enable flow of tourist and will help both regions Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan to improve their economies.

Furthermore he also took notice of Gilgit-Skardu road and instructed National Highway Authority (NHA) to call meeting on this

 matter within two day and resolve the matter as soon as possible.  His announcement to recruit 5000 more police personnel in Gilgit-Baltistan was another major step to boost security in the region. President has shown concerns stated that the federal government should post paramilitary forces on KKH so that GB police could relived immediately and sent to the police station to maintain law and order.

Gilgit-Kashmir road will be the shortest and saftest travel

route for the people of Gilgit-Baltistan to travel

to southern cities of Pakistan and

will be build in collaboration with China

To boost economic development he made commitment to established factories of wooden products and cement which has been appreciated. President who is also co-chairman of the PPP stressed on the members of GB Council Attaullah Shahab, Prof. Ghulam Hussain, Wazir Ibadat Advocate, chairman Ibrahim, Amjad Husain Advocate, and Syed Afzal to resolve the grievance of the Jiyallas. President shown his concerns and acknowledged the issue and severity of problems in Gilgit-Baltistan and governments’ inability of resolve them at any major level till today. President stressed to resolve all concerned matter immediately before the elections.


One Response to [News] President Zardari Meets GB Council – Talks on Gilgit-Kashmir Road

  1. Aly shafa, Gilgit Baltistan Rights Forum, says:

    its nice decision and it should initiate without any delay as for safty is concerns , untill and unless the mind set with in society will not chnge nothing can be chnaged , people considered action by taliban are good in few area and they do collect donation for taliban, govt officials knew all these and showing a blind and deaf towards such bitter facts willfully, to tryfiy the people in the society, otherwise how people manged to attcked busses in pak army unifroms and nothing has been done in this regards, still its good initiative from presidency, of Pakistan.

    Another concerning news is about the possible funding by USA to Diamer Basha Dam which is a disputed area, as KPK has captured the land of GB iilegally, should USA should listen to the voice of GB people before such funddings , Federal Govt of Pakistan,KPK govt and WAPADA have really palnned a tragic conspiracy against GB , whole loss will be of GB and royality will take KPK and beneifts by Federal Govt so what about Gilgit Baltistan and its occupied Land? we appeal USA to address the concern of people of GB, not the servents of pakistan working in the region as CM or others

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