[News] Juglot Skardu Road will be Retendered very Soon – Federal Deputy Secretary

Shoib Hussain (Islamabad): Talking to the media Mr Nasir Chatta stated that the strategically important road project of Juglot Skardu Road has not been cancelled but it has been referred for retender. The reason he stated was the irregularities at on the side of National High Way Authority (NHA) in the process of tender.

He further stated that we have no objection over the Chinaies  Company CGGC which is a reputable company in road construction; if it wishes to participate it is most welcome. Defending Federal Minister for Communications Mr Arbab Alamgir, Chatta said the minister has written in his note clearly to initiate the work on the project immediately. However, this posture of Nasir Chatta has been taken as pressure dispensing tactic by the informed sources linked with ministry of communication and Skardu Road Project. It is also been stated that what does it mean by immediate, why not a specified date is not given?

It has been surfaced that there are multiple factors involved in the cancellation of the project, as said to be the root causes, such as disagreement on the amount of kickbacks which was demanded and offered by CGGC and the second most important element is US pressure for not letting China to have access to the strategically important area of Baltistan. Remember that Baltistan has its border with India, and the area is disputed not only between India and Pakistan it is also disputed between China and India and the strategic important site of Ladakh, whose supreme leader in exile is Dalai Lama whom the Europe and US is support against stringent opposition from China. However, people of Gilgit-Baltistan have shown their resolve to make the raod build without any other consideration as they have nothing to do with what so ever interest of others rest in the project. The project is vital for the socio-economic well being of the people of Baltistan which is most important. Just across the line of control in the Indian Controlled parts of Baltistan the network of roads, electricity, Health, Education and other necessary infrastructure is developed unparalleled to what it exist in Pakistan side of Baltistan as here it is so pathetic.


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