After the reform package to the Gilgit Baltistan (GB) two posts of judges in the Chief Court of GB have been created and two posts in the upper judiciary i.e. Supreme Appellate Court have been fallen vacant since long, now-a-days the authorities concern are at war footing to fill up these positions and endeavor to bring their near and dears to the apex court of GB. The efforts are going on from all side of power and pressure blocks including GB government, PPP, Sectarian milieus, federal govt. and minister of Kashmir and GB Affairs, and other agencies are not behind in the race as well.  It is not a fight to uphold the merit rather it is to bypass the merit in the appointments of the judges in apex court of GB. The matter is not only of political and other influences it is also involves the dirty business of  money where authorities concern are demanding millions of rupees as bribe for these positions thus killing the merit in GB and opening the doors for corruption.

 It will not be out of place to mention and suggest that there is a Judicial Commission in Pakistan for the appointment of the judges of apex court but in case of Gilgit-Baltistan it has been completely irrelevant by the whims of federal government and agencies in order to manipulate their own choices.  The positions of apex court in GB are being auctioned through the so called ministers of GB. These slots of the apex court should go through the Judicial commission of Pakistan for transparency but like other appoints these highest positions are being filled through back door which is unjust and uncalled for.

It is very interesting to note that one existing Law Minister of GB Government (Mr.Wazir Shakeel) has himself offered for one of the position in the highest judiciary and obviously he would be inducted by the PPP government without going into the required merit criterion. If a law minister himself would offer as a candidate for the positions then what would be for general public? How a minister belonging to a particular political party could provide justice without being biased?

 It is strongly objected to the candidature of Law Minister of GB and chief justice of Pakistan is requested through media to take suo moto action and ensure these appointments on merit else the matter should be referred to Judicial Commission of Pakistan for appoint judges of the apex court of GB through their set up policy in order to eradicate the back door and corrupt appointments in the judiciary. If transparency, merit and rule of laws will not be taken care in the appointment of supreme appellate Court of Gilgit-Baltistan, how could public trust of the decision it would make and it will lead to jeopardizing the dignity of the of the most honorable and respect pillar  of the state and society. There are many qualifying candidates with relevant qualification and experience standing at the Bar than the existing Law Minister of GB who is a candidate to the posts of judges in the highest judiciary of Gilgit-Baltistan.

The writer of this article could be reached at taqdiradvocate@yahoo.com, CELL : 0300-2767789


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