[News] Shagufta Annum is Murdered – Postmortum Report by District Headquarter Hospital Gilgit

Monitoring Desk (Gilgit): The District Headquarter Hospital Gilgit has released the postmortem report of Shagufta  Annum. According to the report the cause of the death of Shagufta Annum is not suicide it is a case of murder. Shagufta Annum died because of injuries on head due to beaten-up.  The police had initially stated as well that Shagufta was murdered not died because of suicide.  As well as during investigation police have found difference between the statements of her husband Nasir, her brother in law Sajjad and her mother in law.

According to SP investigation wing Giglit, Abdul Hafiz the police was of the opinion from the beginning that the circumstantial evidence was pointing to murder. He has also mentioned the daily dairy maintained by the Shagufta Annum since 2007 to 26 July 2012. In her dairy she had mentioned again and again very openly about her love for her husband Nasir as well as she has also mentioned about the hurt feeling caused my inappropriate behavior by Nasir. She also mentioned that she is extremely disappointed by the treatment of her in-laws with her to the point to get rid of her life, but she mentioned that her daughter is the only reason that she want to live a life. She has written her last dairy on 26 June 2012.

According to the SP investigation Abdul Hafiz, when women police reached to the house of Shagufta Annum lead by additional SHO the behavior of in-laws was very strange. They resisted to handover the body of Shagufta Annum, however, where body was taken into custody and postmortem was conducted there were injuries of sharp tools on the head, one of her nail of the hand figure was missing, there were impressions of hit on the back and on the legs.

The police also inspected the said area of suicide but found no trace and the place was highly unlikely to be used for any suicide. There was no dust on the cloths or any part of the body of Shagufta.  It was obvious that Shagufta has never been to the place previously pointed by the in-laws as a suicide site of Shagugfta.

SHO of women police station Madam Shamsurah has stated that we have no animosity with Nasir, but a cold murder of the women should be taken to the books according to the law and court decisions. She said as a mother I know that no women could commit suicide leaving behind a daughter of 6 months old.


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