[Response] Responding to Editorial of Murder Case of Shagufta Annum

The Editorial Board of GB Time after an intense consultation

has decided to remove the article published by Izhar under the

above given title.

The main reason to remove the said atilce is the Postmortum Report and Police statments which clear shows that the content of Izhar’s article were not ture. The content seems to be fabricated.

Initally the article was publised to give a level playing and equal opportunity to all the concerns of the matter. However, as now it is very clear that Shagufta was murdered and she did not committed sucide so it is important to dete the false contents.


8 Responses to [Response] Responding to Editorial of Murder Case of Shagufta Annum

  1. Kanwal says:

    Dear Nasir brother can you please share update news about murder case of shagufta anum we must not defend person who did mistake and who deserve to be in jail, we respect long term blood relations but we should not encourage and shuould punish those who are creating distance and doing wrong thing, we all need to discourage the culprit and should be punished.

  2. asas says:

    for those who propagate false news n reports shall stand in front of God.. we are kind of people who without knowing the facts comment and judge people which is unlike a responsible citizen or good human being… i personally talked to Mr Nasir Hussain before he got arrested n he was really upset n was mourning on loss of his wife n he said that if she didnt care about me or her own family she would ve cared about her 4 mnths baby..media is playing foul and people dont know the point of view of Mr Nasir Hussain… i wish n pray for Mr Nasir Hussain who is in prision for doing nothing and been pressurized by the authorities to accept the crime which he never committed.. i feel pity on this society which let the criminals walk with pride and innocents behind the bars…please wake up n support the truth..no one is going to live forever here..regards

  3. imtiaz hussain says:

    this is open hypocratical practice to call it murder….but we have strong faith in ALlah one day god will reveal reality ….and nasir hussain will get realease from this blame and hypocratical case

  4. Najeeb Akhun (Abu Talha ) says:

    Nasir hussain is my class fellow we have spent a lot of time together and we being together in Saudia I know him, his siblings and his parents .All of them are too down to earth , humble and gentle people . They can never be thought to have done such a thing . Suicide is a result of an unhealthy mind and environment which can occur under specific circumstances. Around 65 suicides occurred in GB in last five years alone where 90 percent are women folk and among them are mostly young girls. What all are the facts let the investigators decide and false allegations should be avoided which only complicate the things and creates more differences.

  5. Nasir Abbas says:

    Alihaidr Barcha I would like you all to read the article by Izhar , brother of accused Nasir Hussain ,which is going to remove all the misperceptions and the notions vested in the minds of unfair and ill minded people .The article written by Izhar is not a mere article rather it contains the circumstantial evidences and eye opening facts about the death which the saddest ,conservative ,worthless and cruel minded herd of sheep is trying to dress up the death as a murder at the cost of obtaining cheap popularity and attain slum objectives. We, the family of Nasir Hussain are the strong believers of the Justice of Allah, His Prophet (PBUH) and His Descendants and Pray for an early Justice to unveil the reality and expose the evil, mal intentions of the real enemies of both the FAMILIES.

  6. Abbas Hussain says:

    First of all I sympathies with both grieved families on the death of Late Shagufta Annum a daughter of Gilgit-Baltistan for which I am really very sorry. At the same time I have been observing and looking at the news in this regard and through my personal friends and family members wanted to know about the facts surrounding this case.

    Lets all not to be prejudice, yes Nasir Hussain is our brother we love him but don’t forget Shagufta Annum was a daughter and sister of some one who loved her too. Undoubtedly the incident is a family matter, but the protection ans safety of the people is first a family responsibility, second it is the state’s responsibility and third the whole society is responsible for it. Therefore it is very obvious that if any incident of this nature does happen it is either a suicide or murder not only the immediatly family also the state a civil society gets worried about it and want to know the cusses so to prevent them in future.

    I don’t want to be biased with anyone, I read the article criticized by many of my brothers most of them related to Nasir Hussain and the article of Izhar as well. Why we want it to be dragged into religion no one in the previous article has said it is sectarian killing rather they said within the family there were issue on the matter of religion. Let me tell you it is possible to have these issues in a family and we all know that there exist such issues we can not deny it. So these issues could have also existed in the Nasir’s family too, which is a common phenomenon. But due to these differences we have not heard of any killing in the past so we hope it did not had happened here as well. The statements are Izhar seem to state that it didn’t happen so we pray it to be so and true.

    It is for sure, the final decision on the cause of death will be determined by the autopsy report of the doctors, however, isn’t it true that the initially report has suggested that it is not possibly any suicide case. Why someone will just want Nasir to be behind the bars because same as where Shagufta was a daughter of Gilgit-Baltistan, Nasir is the a son of Gilgit-Baltistan, no one will ever like to have any injustice to happen with him. But interestingly, why the autopsy/postmortem report has been so delayed, what are the causes of it, of course this delay instigate more suspicion and gives room to create more doubts and rumors. It is a failure on the part of relevant authorities they should release the report immediately. This would be helpful for both the families and public at large. It will shun all the speculations and reality will come in front of all.

    One thing that I appreciate regarding our social media not talking of the mainstream media that is much more balanced and gives voice to all. See, this blog GB Times has shown its neutrality, it is not only published just one opinion rather has given equal chance to both opinions. At one hand it has projected the views of the one side based on FIR and on the other it has also published the views of Izhar and it is unbiased in its approach.

    To conclude I am personally more worried about the little angel the four months old daughter of Nasir and Shagufta. God has taken from her the love of her mother and her father is now in trouble which is really very socking. The adults may have made mistakes in their lives but what about this innocent angel baby, what her mistake is, may Allah blessed her and create the ways to compensate the absence of her mother in her life, as we all know how important is our mothers are in our life. At the same time lets pray that she should not be deprived of her fathers love and her father be with her very soon (Amin iii)

  7. we the people of Ganish Hunza are condemn against the writer of this article because spreading such rumor in public without any justification directly hit on my brother Nasir Hussain family and our religion. if you want to highlight death causes then you must write both end realities and not focus on any one religion or any one family. In Hunza specially in Ganish both shia and ismaili community living as one family. And we have close relationship with each other.

  8. SAJJAD HYDER says:


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