[Editorial] Murder of Shagufta Annum is a National Tragedy of Gilgit-Baltistan

The late Shagufta Annum was a bright and highly educated enlightened girl of Gilgit-Baltistan. Shagufta Annum was not only Shagfuta Annum of her own, she was a representative and an agent of our generation of educated, empowered and enlightened youth. She was representing the youth who eager to shed darkness and suffocation of boundaries created among the people of Gilgit-Baltistan by the evils who do not see progress and development in the region either on the name of religious sects, regional divide or tribal affiliations.

There is no need to remind people of Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral who lived in harmony and peace for centuries holding up to their affiliations at their free will with any religion, sect, geographic area or ideology. The appreciation and respect for pluralism and diversity of social, cultural and religious belonging was always been taken as a source of strengths and an opportunity to learn in Gilgit-Baltistan. Don’t say if it has diminish in the present, it exist with more eagerness in the present as within our new generations who comes from across various sections of life. Everyone living in Gilgit-Baltistan knows and have personal experiences within their families, where the family members are at least followers of all three major sects of Gilgit-Baltistan namely Shia, Sunni and Ismaili, we all share our happiness and sorrow with each other not on the basis of what religious difference we do have rather on the basis of what lovely commonalities we do have with each other.

Late Shagufta Annum was the reminder and enforcer of our these deep rooted values of social harmony of Gilgit-Baltistan. She was not deter and taken hostage of the recent unfortunate events of a handful of vehement madden people who wearing religious camouflager bend to disrupt the peace and social fabric of Giglit-Baltistan on religious divide. Shagufta Annum and Ismaili  girl belonging to Gojal-Hunza reached across the sectarian divide with the red roses of love and peace by agreeing to get marry with Mr. Nasir Hussain a Shia boy hailing of Ganish-Central Hunza and residing in Giglit. As the story unfold it indicates that both boy and girl who were mature and highly educated decided about their marriage on their free will and happily married. Although initially there said to be resistance from the father and mother of the boy. There now three months old daughter is a symbol of their love and patience for each other.

However, gradually the event’s unfortunate  incidents unfolds. The family of the the boy started to coerce the girl to change her faith and adopt the Shia sects, which was denied by Shagufta Annum. Initially her husband Nasir Hussain was not concerned about the pressure of his family rather was supportive to have the faiths as they both may wish and this was what they agreed before getting married too. However, when Shagufta has become a proud mother of her baby girl the boy’s family has intensely increased their pressure to get converted her to Shia sect. Mr. Hussain by this time too has changed his mind and sided with his parents by forcing Shagufta to change her religious belonging, with the time they have started to harass Shagufta both physically and psychologically.

Weeks earlier to her murder, the in-laws of Shagufta bannedd her from performing her religious practices strictly as well as from attending the communal namaz of ismaili too. Late shagufta who was an educated and empowered girl defied these undue pressures and did not scummed to the physically and emotional violence. Days earlier to the murder of the innocent Shagufta her inlaws and husband even forced her not to feed her baby and touch her. They have not just stop here and their madness lead them to kill the bright, educated and innocent Shagufta vehemently, which is not tolerable nor in Islam neither in humanity and does not belongs to the culture of Gilgit-Baltistan.

No doubt this is an event of mourning not only the grieved family and loved ones of late Shagufta, it is a mourning time for the people of whole Gilgit-Baltistan. Ganish-Hunza to which the inlaws of late Shagufta belongs one can find almost in each home a mixed family setup of Shia an Ismaili and there has never ever happened any incident of this nature which is condemnable by all of us.

When people of Ganish were asked about the event a resident said, ” Since the day we heard this news our whole village is in a state of mourn and shock, how it could had happened and how it is possibly to happen with some one belonging to us. My grandmother was a devoted Ismaili, two of my uncles are Ismaili but wife of one uncle is Shia so it is all how we are. This unfortunate incident has made me personally very upset too. Remember the said family live in Zulfiqarabad, Gilgit for a long time they may have forget our values”

Now it is time for all of us the peace loving and kind hearted people of Gilgit-Baltistan to recollect ourselves and condemned in all possible ways all individual cases such as this both socially and legally. The murderers of late Shahgufta should be punished with the ought most possible legal punishment so no one ever dare to repeat it again.


16 Responses to [Editorial] Murder of Shagufta Annum is a National Tragedy of Gilgit-Baltistan

  1. Zakir Hussain says:

    It is a very shameful act or barbarism and I condemned this unfortunate incident of killing of Shagufta. Her murderes should be be punished by court so anyone should not do it again. We are all same GBian and all are muslims we should respect each other.

    Zakir Hussain, Gilgit

    • my innocent brother mr. zakir i can imagine your feelings being a good human…but don’t see only one side of picture. if you want some rational idea about reality. The story at …… is well spiced …i know you can feel for this kind of story to be very true…but reality is far different…we the family of Nasir Hussain and God knows it secondly….Inshallah we are hopeful soon you all will come to know the truth behind these self created myths!

  2. Shahid Karim says:

    ITS really an extremely sad and disgusting event. But stop for a while here, Why we people are portraying as this event as a murder, why dont you wait for the investigation to come to a conslusion, let the postmortem report come surface and we are right to say if this is a murder, let hte murderers be punished with full force and if its not like that, in case of suicide, how you justify this campaign.If religion was the bone of content, if the two were not able to sustain their relation, why an event of murder occured, why not TALAAQ was the way out.

    Dont decide on assumptions, rumours and propagated , intrigued point of view snetiments, be justful and wait for the investgation to decide whats true.I feel some people are trying to politicize and turn this mishap a secterian clash between two communities that are bound in relaions for hundreds of years.

    Does it make sense that if someones wife is not going to accept ones belief, she gets killed by whom she loved, married and decided to live her life with.If you think for a while, you may come to a conclusion that this point cant be valid, as no sense is there to commit such event for not accepting a certain belief, there could have been DIVORCE . if you consider this event as a suicide, it seems more realistic as for a LOVE MARRIAGE, there is an idealism between the two and for a woman , when circumstances she finds like above , for her religion and for domestic problems, she might not accept to get back to her parents rather being a a verge of emotions and IDEALIST, decides to end her life rather.

    My question to all of you. dont blame and decide as for your vested interests, keep your words be levelled to a realistic barrier and let the case be investigated and truth suraces out.

  3. Aly shafa, Hamaliya Green Society Gilgit Baltistan says:

    its is very said and aginst the humanity and against the religion, in quraan Allah say openly LA IQQRA Fiddin, its the very said part of our life to hear this unfortunate incident, i think this matter is of specially kind in GB , no such diffrences were experinced in shia and isaaili community both of are from one sect and there are few petty diffrences in them, i dont know if its truth they did the very high level of sin, as i am just relialing on ur this editorail, may Allah place our sister shaguffta in jinnah ameen, and the people who commited this crime should be punished without any delay if it is the truth , its very sad part of our GB history, i have not listen such tragic incident before this, we all should work to hormoniezed the situation and it should take as their family matter , humanity matter, not it should link to any shia and ismaili difference, i would like to request from the feprived family of deceased shaguftaa sister and other relatives and community please dont take it as teachings or mass behaviour of shia community, i really surprised to see such incident from shia community and , more even from a person of Ganish Hunza . i been there in back 1999, both communities are enjoying blood relationships in families and having very love bounding relations with open social relation with each others, i would like to request all people of GB specially from both sisterly communities of shia and sunni please don’t take this as matter of diffrence in teaching our thoughts of communities , its just a misdeed by the inlaws and they should be punished if they found guilty, as i my self don’t know the reality, thanks for GB Times to be a source for us to communicate with our communities, we should promote more brotherhood and love, depite this personal brutality with our sister shuguftaa Annum, Mola hum sub ko achay kaam ker ki tofiqq ataa furmain ameen

  4. Ali jan Anjum says:

    the incident of the shaguftaa anumm is a sad and first kind of it as reporting by people , i think shahid karim is very realistic and genion in arguments we should wait for the reality untill it reavels the truth, i my self not ready to accept this one who love n married and were parents of an infant can do such, its a family matter few people are unfortunately trying to divert the seniaro into unscucsessfull attepmts to craete diffrences between the two brotherly communities who not only share religion in comman has blood relationship from ecntureis, kindly let law and other sources to do work and we should wait untill any right outcome. otherwise enemy of peace and GB can misuse this unfortunate incident of the departed daughter of GB, better to stop here i would request all the well educated people of both the communities just take it a family matter and very unfortunate one, its the time to got in deep to bring people into light, and if its a muruder than culprits hsould be punished rigoriously, media should also show responsibale role i am sure they can make this sad even as more peacefull and brotherhood zeal in the name of late shagufftaa anumm. may God bless her soul ,

  5. Aly shafa, Hamaliya Green Society Gilgit Baltistan says:

    Respected Editer
    kindly honor this writings in your esteem newpaper,
    Dear GBians How GB becomes the field of WAR? Today the major issue of GB is peace, a nation who seeks peace in its land can’t develop for centuries, its logic if we don’t have peace people will not invest in the region, if there is no investment there will be no development. The geographical situation and natural resource 0f the area are enough for GB, if there is peace and few individuals to work for this nation, only the electricity production and its sales revenue is enough to enlist its self in developed nation in a very short span of time if it possible to work independently without any hurdles from So-called KANA, FANA and establishment. GB is facing economic issues, employment issue and many other social issues are there related to human life, Despite all these issue people were living peacefully in the region, the main problem started from the Afghanistan, Kashmir militancy camps by establishment in which people form middle class entered and experienced high response in society in terms of finance and social status it promoted gradually local militancy and establishment has grouped them to utilize against nationalists. This has motivated the local extremist to utilize youngsters in GB like other parts of Pakistan. When people from nationalist camp initiate struggle and start rooting in public the establishment enhanced its support to militant groups in GB to divert the attention of public from real issue of basic human rights people.
    To decrease the fast growing influence of nationalists, establishment has divide people in sectarian group and supports fully the Sunni extremist group and managed links with the external groups in other parts of Pakistan. They with the support of these trained extremist elements create unrest in Gilgit,from the planed attack of 1988 to the initial target killings of shia community in GB are the evidence of the establishment involvement in sectarian killings, the recent killings on KKH are supposed to be a reply of establishment to the people of GB and Unites states of America, after the visit of USA delegates these extremists group seemed more active in GB and killed approximately 87 people in different incidents including 03 consecutive attacks on KKH . people of GB can get lesson from the Baluchistan insurgency and establishment role, they currently practicing in Baluchistan, to defuse nationalist establishment has initiated shia Hazarahs killing by extremists group which supposed to working on establishment signals and apparently having links with nationalist Baloch movements .it’s better to understand by local people why they are working for agencies against mother land you can be shia, sunni. Ismaili, Noorbakhshi, but from GB, your real identity is GB latter you will be known for your sect so, please don’t work against the mother land and try to understand the real reasons, the formula of divide and rule should be end now.
    How long this war should continue on our mother land and for what reason?

  6. Sajjad Hyder says:

    Such a hypocrite article ……for giving it a complete religious touch without the consent of ” one’s non of business “. Your so called education I hope did not teach you to mess the facts and grind the figures in a tub to spark hate in a small society, though my words are harsh but I am right to have all this..
    Please do not delete my comment if you are a man, let the people think that Sajjad is a rigid mind Shia guy…
    My grand father embarrassed shiasm in late 60s, one of my grand father and his family are islamilis , We do not have a hate for anyone, we participate in every religious activity if needed by Ismalis in my village, and we get a warm welcome for doing so….

    What the hell are you talking about here my man ? What evidence do you have in hand which makes you such a hateful article and indirectly convincing all Ismailis that Shias are brutal people, they kill innocents huh ? What exactly are you trying to prove ?

    The law enforcement agencies are investigating the case and accused family is well supporting them in all means to find the truth, so let it be on them, do not poke your nose and spread the hate among us.

    your such a pathetic approach may burn the whole society, and I hope you understand this well.. watch your words next time.

    May her soul rest in peace, Ameen

  7. Dear Readers, thank you for your comments and opinion which is always appreciated. The contributors of this article have tried their level best to play down the religious elment involved in this matter as we are well aware of the sensativity of it. If you read the article in an open mind it is has been stated with due consideration that it is not the culture of Gilgit-Baltistan to have discrimination that leads to voilence or killing due to sectarian differences. Rather people of Gilgit-Baltistan have mixed families and there is love and respect for each other no matter whatever faith one holds to practice.

    But never forget the initial report suggests it a murder case, this is purely an act of individual it does not represent the sentiments of whole Ismaili or Shia community. Both communities are intertwine in cross marriages for centuries it is very common to have within in one family half shia and half ismaili members or suni family members this is what we appreciate.

    But wherever, on individual basis if some one is committing any wrong doing on the basis of sect or region or tribe we all should condenmen it. This is the message in this article, it is not to create any hattered on the sectarian basis rather to disourage it and promote love and harmony among the people of Gilgit-Baltistan without any discrimination.

    • Irshad says:

      Mr Sick Editor. Why the hell you deleted my comment. Editor wishes it could be murder. You sound like that. You mind is sick and you people are totally prejudice. You drag religion, and now want it to call a murder. As i am told you before the innocent Brother of Nasir is beaten by police to call it a murder because many people like you are wishing to call it murder. You are enemies of both faiths. You bitches are trying to call it a murder and thats what you want. You have no conerns over the losses of both families.

  8. Ashfaq Hussain says:

    Amazingly, some people tend to be civilized, cultured and educated but their insite never accepts the reality and truth.They are always grabbed by their prejudice, hatred and vested interest.For this sad event , undoubtedly a tragedy not just for Anams family but an unforgettable loss for her Husbands family.It has been really a disgusing campaign on social media and newspapers , declaring this mishap a murder and adding fuel to the fire with articles like this .Is that the way to give people awareness and information,. rather it looks a motivated , planned campaign to malign and distort facts and reality

    For this particular article , our dear editor seemed like a judge who had the authority to sentence one with dire punishment, having all the evidence, reports and investigation outcomes.Why you people try to mislead people by such henious efforts to spread hatred.Couldnt you wait for a while and have reserved your JUDGEMENTAL statements and declarations uptill the postmortem reports are there and the police investigation comes to a conclusion?

    Today, news are there Mr Nasir has been given bail , proving this blaim of murder an intrigue and a slap for those who were trying to show people a different picture other than reality and truth.

    One is right to say, it was some deliberated effort to play with the emotions of innocent people and kindle strife among peaceful communities.So all people are advised to have sense of responsibilty and be mindful of the new tactics of such mindset that looks to have an agenda of creating discomfort, disharmiony and hatred between the communities having ties centuries long and relations for decades..

  9. Mumtaz says:

    Mr. Editor.. I appreciate your full time endeavours of diverting a suicide case into murder.. But all in vain my dear.. Mr. Nasir will be given justice By the Grace of Almighty God. InshaALLAH… And don’t teach us (People of Ganish), we are inherited Hunzakutz… Your thinking and one time article cannot bring change in minds of the natives… Try your best..

  10. Mr. Ashfaq, I admire your crystal clear vision and i pray for those people with sick minds get cured by God. May God give them a feel what would they feel if God forbid, similar incident happens in their home…Instead giving sympathy people start to accuse them of murder…May God give them a sense of justice…May God enable them to understand the booming loss of ours…
    Unlucky Brother of Nasir Hussain, Shugfta Anum (late) and Aesar Hussain

  11. asas says:

    for those who propagate false news n reports shall stand in front of God.. we are kind of people who without knowing the facts comment and judge people which is unlike a responsible citizen or good human being… i personally talked to Mr Nasir Hussain before he got arrested n he was really upset n was mourning on loss of his wife n he said that if she didnt care about me or her own family she would ve cared about her 4 mnths baby..media is playing foul and people dont know the point of view of Mr Nasir Hussain… i wish n pray for Mr Nasir Hussain who is in prision for doing nothing and been pressurized by the authorities to accept the crime which he never committed.. i feel pity on this society which let the criminals walk with pride and innocents behind the bars…please wake up n support the truth..no one is going to live forever here..regards

  12. Your article clearly say mr. Editor what does it spread Love or hatred for the Shia family which lost the most in this incident!

  13. Gul abbas says:

    People with prejudice , the so-called literate (parhey likhey Jahil) , the owners of the false judgment, Kings of the assumptions, roots of evils and fathers of Shaitan …………….. em so really sorry to read all the articles related to the unfortunate death of Anum .I feel pity on the minds of the people who claim themselves to be the open minded, literate, modern proved to be otherwise. Have some patience and wait for the Autopsy report which is going to be the only legal authority to declare the death as a suicide or otherwise. One must not forget that little four months child, who is going to be the most hurt if we, by our sheer negligence and stupidity term the death a murder may cost loss of her father’s love and confidence who has already unluckily lost the love, affection, sweetness of her mother at a stage where we never even wish it to happen with an animal.
    Just think and imagine in your hearts of the heart that such a case God forbid if happens to your family what response would you expect from the relatives and the persons around you……em sure you would wish them to be with you and assist to solve it…..if they can’t assist you at least not be against you by spreading the rumors, propagating the false judgments over such a serious issue. So my dear elders, brothers and sisters, unfortunate death of Anum is a real time test for us to display and show concerns positively towards both the families so that loss of one life doesn’t cost the death of two families as a whole.
    Please refrain from indulging yourselves into the matters of sects, as the issue of sects in Hunza is by no means one’s recognition, it’s only the Hunzkutz which is our pride for years and will remain for years to come.
    In the end I would like you all to read the article by Izhar , brother of accused Nasir Hussain ,which is going to remove all the misperceptions and the notions vested in the minds of unfair and ill minded people .The article written by Izhar is not a mere article rather it contains the circumstantial evidences and eye opening facts about the death which the saddest ,conservative ,worthless and cruel minded herd of sheep is trying to dress up the death as a murder at the cost of obtaining cheap popularity and attain slum objectives. We, the family of Nasir Hussain are the strong believers of the Justice of Allah, His Prophet (PBUH) and His Descendants and Pray for an early Justice to unveil the reality and expose the evil, mal intentions of the real enemies of both the FAMILIES.

  14. we the people of Ganish Hunza are condemn against the writer of this article because spreading such rumor in public without any justification directly hit on my brother Nasir Hussain family and our religion. if you want to highlight death causes then you must write both end realities and not focus on any one religion or any one family. In Hunza specially in Ganish both shia and ismaili community living as one family. And we have close relationship with each other. 😦

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