[News] Murder Case of Shagufta from Gojal

Shagufta Anum, from Gojal-Gilgit,  was allegedly killed by her in laws in Ganish. It was reported that the murder may have been a result of ethnic or religious clash.

Although the death was portrayed as a suicide by her in-laws, the investigation and allegation by her parents later led to suspicions that she may have been killed. The final postmortem report is yet to taken. The Police has obtained physical remand of husband and brother in law of Shagufta, from a civil judge in Gilgit.

 Shagufta’s father in his FIR accused the In-Laws of creating a fake suicide case as this was a blatant act of murder. According to him, first the murder was committed and then she was thrown in a trench. The Police officials have also said that according to initial investigations, the death seems as murder and not as suicide.

 Shagufta, a resident of Gojal Valley, had married Nasir Hussain from Ganish (Central Hunza) last year. The area has never witnessed such incident of violence but in the recent times, sectarian and ethnic violence has started to seep in the region. It was reported that Nasir’s parents were not happy with this marriage  and that was the basic motive behind her murder. Shagufta also left behind a 3 month old daughter.source faultline


13 Responses to [News] Murder Case of Shagufta from Gojal

  1. Baig Hunzai says:

    so sad bull shit all of u people if u didn’t get exit result of this murder…

  2. It has been surfaced that the family of late Shagufta is under immense pressure from various segments to withdraw the case and police and other law enforcement agencies are taking least interest to investigate the case. The family of deceased alone are fighting for both to ascertain the real causes and circumstances of the case and fight for it in the court, with the medical examination board while undergoing with extreme shock on the unfortunate tragic death of their loved one.

    Human Rights of Pakistan or non of the other organization have provided any kind of support to the grieving family. Its time for self professing organization of rights to come forward and help the victims
    to find the facts and get the justice.

  3. there is no any religious issue….there may be family problems. please dont highlight this type of bullshit. if there is religious issue there may not get to gather as life partners.

  4. asas says:

    there were family problems but she was not murdered she committed suicide..please atleast dont blame her husband n his family.. let the court decide first.. n please this case has nothing to do with sect.. don’t exaggerate you ll stand in front of God one day…

  5. Ali says:

    So sad ! they should invite forensic experts and find out what caused her death! She deserves justice!

  6. Moiz Karim says:

    It’s was infect a barbaric murder incident of its kind and first ever in the history of the region. Shagufta Anam was brutally killed by her own husband, mother in-law and brother in-law…. her dead body was taken back home having roamed round outside, dumped in a car trunk, and the people were told that she had committed suicide jumping in a ravine…
    the neighbors of slain Shagufa Anam have revealed that they heard bawling from the house at 10 o’clock, on the day she was killed. …… her husband and Anam along with their three year-old baby had to leave for Saudi Arabia after a couple of days, which was not acceptable for her mother in-law… and their documentation process was almost final for the journey…… her mother in-law is said to be allegedly the main accused behind the murder…. as she wanted to convert Anam’s sect….despite confirmation of murder the final postpartum report is being delayed due to machinations trying to portray the murder incident as suicide….

  7. Irshad says:

    ……Your post start with a lie, that this happened in Ganish. MF this happened in Gilgit. If i start posting these kind of fake stories here, people like you will be naked, This was a suicide, the girl married on her will to this guy. There were family issues like saas and baho. Beside that when this girl married to Nasir, whole society condemned this girl and she was emotionally tortured by society, Whole society is responisble for her suicide, The case is still pending. The innocent brother of Nasir who cared and respected Anum is now behind the bars and beaten every day, and administration is forcing him to say it is murder by beating that gentleman. I condemn all of you making it a religious issue as you drag religion before. Bitches stop this and wait for results.

    • Abbas says:

      Now as per confirmed news Anum was Killed by her Husband nasir along with mother & his brother, nasir nay khud bayan dia hay ki ye many ki hay, he should be behind the bars for ever, first he love then marry then killed brutality what type of person he is, he deserve to be in jail for ever.

  8. Moiz Karim says:

    …..Mind your language …open your eyes n read the post….just wait for the day when the real face of the story comes out, or rather wait for being naked… .. get out of your this sectarian and radical mind set……..your this behavior itself speaks how innocent you are

  9. asas says:

    for those who propagate false news n reports shall stand in front of God.. we are kind of people who without knowing the facts comment and judge people which is unlike a responsible citizen or good human being… i personally talked to Mr Nasir Hussain before he got arrested n he was really upset n was mourning on loss of his wife n he said that if she didnt care about me or her own family she would ve cared about her 4 mnths baby..media is playing foul and people dont know the point of view of Mr Nasir Hussain… i wish n pray for Mr Nasir Hussain who is in prision for doing nothing and been pressurized by the authorities to accept the crime which he never committed.. i feel pity on this society which let the criminals walk with pride and innocents behind the bars…please wake up n support the truth..no one is going to live forever here..regards

  10. I thought, i won’t be able to see a good human for giving some sympathies for my brother and his 4 months old daughter. whose father is arrested for nothing just for compelling to accept a suicide of her mother as a murder…thanks brother @ ASAS…you felt the truth…i am grateful to you…
    izhar brother of Mr. Nasir and Aesar

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