[Opinion] Peace in Gilgit Baltistan and Foreign Intervention in Historical Perspective

 By Aly Shafa: I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go. Things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right. You believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself,(GBIANS’) and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

 It’s the time for GBians’ to learn from the past what they lost, and gained, especially those who fought the WAR of others on motherland, this is the time to learn from our experience, no one will come to give shoulders when any of you die in Gilgit , those who are source of unrest in the region has roots in dirty Pakistani politic, can you be equal to those who killed founder of the country, can you be equal to those who killed first prime minister, can you want to be equal with those who killed their first elected prime minister just because of political or sectarian differences.

The traditions of Gilgit-Baltistan have been part of civilization based on mutual peaceful coexistence of diverse and pluralistic communities. We are the symbol of peace in a chaotic environment World surrounded us for centuries, so how this extremism and sectarianism and non-sense killing entered into my country abruptly? It is not originated in Giglit-Baltistan rather was introduced  with planning from the evil alien forces who are interested in the strategically important mother land and they want to vanished our people who are the symbol of our motherland GB.

The construction of Mega projects which merely benefits Pakistan is a conspiracy to disturbed the localities and local communities, through the high compensation to the area they have initiate a new trend of life in the region. The careless uneducated political forces of the area seems busy in praising the courts of Lahore and larkana likewise others, they have to do nothing just to implement the declared rules to lengthen the nations’ slavery period, through a simple ordinance which has no legal status in any way in regional or internally

The dissolution of state Subject Rule from GB was the biggest conspiracy against the people of GB due to lack of education people could not understand the future results of this action, after the dissolution of state subject Rule they start bring people from other parts of the Pakistan and at the present almost 10% of the total population are not permanent resident of the GB .

Than phase two of conspiracy started with the posting of non-local officers with extremist links, they allocated them PRC and help in all matters related to proof them as permanent residence of the GB. In 1988 these forces attacked the area just to finish the local population and to settle people of their own choice, in which more than 280 people were killed brutally, army command of that time was directly monitoring the operations of the attacked by extremist which was covered actually it was a planned attack of establishment to capture the geography of the GB by killing all the inhabitants of the area.

 Due to the lack of media access and freedom people around the globe knew very little about the genocide plan by Pakistani establishment of that time, when the locals defeated the army covered attack establishment worked a long term plan recalling the more workable formula of imperialists. That was DIVIDE N RULE, from that time to this day, establishment has made local people enemy of each other’s through the help of sectarian difference based, people who are involved in such situation are not indigenous GBIANS, these are the bureaucracy imposed people on GB.

 whenever there is a chance to harm GB they always found on front line , whenever motherland needs to bring peace and harmony these culprits try to create differences among people through different tactic on direction of their lord- gods in Islamabad. People of GB were living in the region with same sectarian backgrounds for centuries nothing was there to make them opponent of each other. People of GB are the most liberalized religious people of the world as in every household almost three sectarian believers living in blood relationship. Think over this how this sectarian intolerance comes to our society, just by those imposed people from bureaucracy on GB in its second phase of conspiracy.

 We highly appreciate peace initiative started by GB government and supported by both the cleric of the community, this is the time to understand the sensitivity of the situation otherwise our future generation will call on us with bad names for our ignorance and mere loyalty with motherland. If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey; he is obligated to do so, said Thomas jafferson.


4 Responses to [Opinion] Peace in Gilgit Baltistan and Foreign Intervention in Historical Perspective

  1. M Anwar khan says:

    this artical is real

  2. Aly shafa, Hamaliya Green Society Gilgit Baltistan says:

    thanks brother M anwar khan, i tried my bset to cover the past incidents and reason why GB come to this junction,

  3. Aly shafa, Hamaliya Green Society Gilgit Baltistan says:

    Respected Editer
    kindly honor this writings in your esteem newpaper,
    Dear GBians How GB becomes the field of WAR? Today the major issue of GB is peace, a nation who seeks peace in its land can’t develop for centuries, its logic if we don’t have peace people will not invest in the region, if there is no investment there will be no development. The geographical situation and natural resource 0f the area are enough for GB, if there is peace and few individuals to work for this nation, only the electricity production and its sales revenue is enough to enlist its self in developed nation in a very short span of time if it possible to work independently without any hurdles from So-called KANA, FANA and establishment. GB is facing economic issues, employment issue and many other social issues are there related to human life, Despite all these issue people were living peacefully in the region, the main problem started from the Afghanistan, Kashmir militancy camps by establishment in which people form middle class entered and experienced high response in society in terms of finance and social status it promoted gradually local militancy and establishment has grouped them to utilize against nationalists. This has motivated the local extremist to utilize youngsters in GB like other parts of Pakistan. When people from nationalist camp initiate struggle and start rooting in public the establishment enhanced its support to militant groups in GB to divert the attention of public from real issue of basic human rights people.
    To decrease the fast growing influence of nationalists, establishment has divide people in sectarian group and supports fully the Sunni extremist group and managed links with the external groups in other parts of Pakistan. They with the support of these trained extremist elements create unrest in Gilgit,from the planed attack of 1988 to the initial target killings of shia community in GB are the evidence of the establishment involvement in sectarian killings, the recent killings on KKH are supposed to be a reply of establishment to the people of GB and Unites states of America, after the visit of USA delegates these extremists group seemed more active in GB and killed approximately 87 people in different incidents including 03 consecutive attacks on KKH . people of GB can get lesson from the Baluchistan insurgency and establishment role, they currently practicing in Baluchistan, to defuse nationalist establishment has initiated shia Hazarahs killing by extremists group which supposed to working on establishment signals and apparently having links with nationalist Baloch movements .it’s better to understand by local people why they are working for agencies against mother land you can be shia, sunni. Ismaili, Noorbakhshi, but from GB, your real identity is GB latter you will be known for your sect so, please don’t work against the mother land and try to understand the real reasons, the formula of divide and rule should be end now.
    How long this war should continue on our mother land and for what reason?

  4. Aly shafa, Hamaliya Green Society Gilgit Baltistan says:

    its about the GB peace and its impacts please which comman man don’t know

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