[News] China Would Send Machinery to Work on Attabad Lake

During his three days long visit of Prime Minister Ashraf  one of the important matters that came up for discussion was the reconstruction of part of KKH submerged in Attabad Lake, Hunza. Chinese authorities informed Prime Minister Ashraf that the machinery from China to carry out work at Ata Abad Lake would reach Pakistan in October 2012.

It is to be noted that KKH is the only possible dry land linkage between two strategic nuclear allies China and Pakistan. In recent years the importance of this route has gained a very high importance for China not only as an easiest way to reach to world market to sell its product but also to acquire the most needed fosile fuel for middle east and Africa to feed its ever increasing demand for energy.

The construction of the KKH is important for the people of Gilgit-Baltistan has it opens avenues for increased commercial and economic activities beside tourism. Currently more than 25000 people in upper Hunza are facing sever problems as the Attabad lake has practically isolated them from the rest of the world.


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