[News] Brutality at Heights_Killing of US Ambassador to Libiya

Monitoring Desk: Just after months of the take over of Libiya by anti Qadafi movment supported by Europe and USA the same people turned extremely voilent against the people who helped them to acquire power and governance. The pictrue below shows how the mob got voilent and out of control in a depolarable way as they are dragging the body of US ambassador to Libiya the way they did to Qadafi, in protests against the release of a defamatory and insulting movie about Prophet of Islam in the USA by priest Terry John.

On face book people have shown stern reaction to what is happening in this picture;

Ghulam Amiri “what has this poor guy done , if brave enough go to America and kill the guy who have made the movie . You are all f*** in the head.”

Siddiq Mdi “This is deplorable and un-Islamic! Killing an envoy who is supposed to have immunity and protection is a crime. He was simply a civilian diplomat, who had nothing to do with the production of the mentioned film.”

Daniel Wentworth “I imagine the CIA has been paying close attention to these photographs and identifying the participants.”


2 Responses to [News] Brutality at Heights_Killing of US Ambassador to Libiya

  1. Aly shafa, Hamaliya Green Society Gilgit Baltistan says:

    this is barberism, islam has nothing to do with these people actaully in sub-continent people are little confused about the Arab world, what they doing is islalm.it not like that,islam is a complete Code of life , peace for all, respect for humanity, the picture today potared by the Talibaan , alqaidah and other extremist groups is very far from islamic teachings, unfortunatly USA is getting inverse response from all the areas where they help people to change the regime, like in all the parts of arab world the aspacted objectives seems very far away than the planned objectives. its verey regeretfull to kill guests in such brutality………………..

  2. Aslam Ghalib says:

    It is really a shameful act, there is no tolerance which we normally claim to have part of our practice.These human killers should be punished for their none sense acts which is utterly deplorable.So sad indeed.

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