[News] Enemies of Peace Challenging Religio-Political Unity of Giglit-Baltistan

Sarfaraz (Gilgit): Two people belonging to Bargo Paeen Mr. Shakir Rana and Mr. Naeem Akhter Rana are injured due to terrorists attack with heavy guns at in Gilgit. The terrorist and people with vested interest are determined to sabotage the commitments made by the political and religious leaders to restore peace in the region and challenging the efforts of peace.

One thing is highly obvious in the given situation is that the people of Gilgit-Baltistan without any difference of opinion in terms of peace consider each other brothers and have the will to work for the development of the people as menifested by the meeting of Agha Rahat and Qazi Nisar. However, there are people who are enemies of the people of Giglit-Baltistan who do not want the peace to be prevailed and people come on a united platform to fight for their rights and development.


One Response to [News] Enemies of Peace Challenging Religio-Political Unity of Giglit-Baltistan

  1. Aly shafa, Hamaliya Green Society Gilgit Baltistan says:

    very shamefull and sad incident this again those who do not want peace in GB and want to see us divided so that they could rule us utilizing our resources, i would like to request local population please keep open your eyes and ears just to know who is the real enemy of the peace in GB, we always called responsibile shia and sunni , but such incidents shows there is another hidden force is working in the region to topple all peace talks and initaitives, it can be from the outsiders, might those paid elements, so all of us sons of motherland should try to follow the Golden univeral role respect is the formost pilar of love and peace ,

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