[Travel Account] 40 Hours Travel on KKH under the Threat of Terrorists

 Rahat Karim: Back to Islamabad after an adventurous journey of 40 hours. The 10hrs long road blockage in Chilas gave us an opportunity to experience swimming in the Indus River, fight with F.W.O workers for their inefficient work and confront with Kohistan police for not allowing the already exhausted convey of 90 vehicles to cross Koshistan during the nighttime but to wait for another 10 hrs in the wilderness of the same threat-land Kohistan with the security of 4-5 gunmen.

I experienced how local administration and the F.W.O workers enjoy their luxurious life leaving the sufferings of travelers on K.K.H at the mercy of God.

I saw students crying for missing their exams, people worried about their jobs, families worried for being unsafe, kids thirsty for water, frustrated international tourists, ladies going their family way inside public buses, hungry children crying for food.

Our administration needs to be pro-active and well prepared to deal with all kinds of emergencies especially given the current security situation.

I salute the way my fellow citizens from GB face such difficult situations every time they travel on K.K.H.


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