[News] Protest in Front of Pakistan’s Parliament by Youth

Iram Khan(Islamabad): Hundereds of people representing youth form all over Pakistan and a majority belonging to Giglit-Baltistan stated protest rallies infront of Pakistan’s Parliament in Islamabad. The protestors including both young male and females were holding placards with slogans against the inaction of the government against the terrorist of recent killing of Shia Muslims at Lulusar, Kohistan and Quetta.


The obvious slogans were ‘Stop Sectarian Killings that’s not the Pakistan We Want” the other slogans were as such “Either Protect us or Leave Us”. Obvious calls for the government of Pakistan to put all its efforts to stop killing of innocent people on sectarian basis in which it seems least interested.


One Response to [News] Protest in Front of Pakistan’s Parliament by Youth

  1. Aly shafa, Hamaliya Green Society Gilgit Baltistan says:

    Great efforts by Raees bhai and others ongenocide of shia community and killings of innocent pessengers on KKH and ignorance from the govt and agencies despite knowing the importance of the GB and peace in the region the sole land connecting pakistan to its evertime friend china , esteblishment should understand and try to maintain peace in the region otherwise it will be a NO go area soon to pakistan the situation refalcting

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