[News] 9 People Died in a Road Accident in Gojal-Hunza

Hunza (Monitoring Desk): Nine people died on way back from Khyber to Gulmit, near Hussaini in an unfortunate accident. The van was coming from Khyber to Gulmit with people after attending a wedding ceremony. Three people were died on the spot while the rest were died on way to Aliabad, Hunza, Hospital through boats. It is to be noted that there is not a single secondary care Hospital for the 25000 people of Gojal, Hunza. Since 2009, Gojal is inaccessible by road due to the formation of Attabad Lake after Attabad Disaster. In emergencies people have to travel first by van’s or cars to the Attabad Lake, from where they are shifted to Boats which take several hours to reach to the other end, once more patient are transfered to the Jeeps to be taken to KKH and from where it takes an hour to reach to the nearest Hospital in Aliabad, Hunza.

This time as well five injured people died on the way, if they had received immediate health care they might have survived. It did not happen for the first time, several more cases were recorded in the past two years, Government must pay immediate attention to this basic need.

The accident is reportedly caused by over speed. During last 6 months on KKH (from Gilgit to Hunza) according to a cautious estimate 35 people have died due to over-speed on newly carpeted road. No speed limit is imposed, neither sign posts exists to inform and warn drivers.


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