[News] Four High Profile Terrorist Escaped from Astor Prison

Gilgit (Monitoring Desk): Four high profile terrorist successfully escaped the Astor Prison. Those who escaped are named Abdul Matin, Sher Bahdur from Chilas; Sher Nabi from Jaglot and Karim Khan from Astore. The prisoners were involved in many high profile robberies and murders. They took advantage of Iftar Time, when most of the police on duty were busy in Iftar they beaten the only prison guard and scoped out of Jail. Search operation is going on without any success till now.

 Escaping from prison of the high profile criminals is becoming a regular phenomenon in Gilgit-Baltistan, many have fear that these all are well planned and part of a long term terrorist strategy. Hardly a month back 6 highly profile criminals escaped from Chilas prison but now clue has yest been terraced about their where about. It is believed that many of these criminals managed to reach out to the tribal areas of Pakistan where they get shelter and training in the Jihadi Camps and return back to Gilgit to instigate sectarian killings and other terrorist activities.


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