[News] Attabad Lake, Hunza will be Converted into a Power Generating Dam-Governor Gilgit-Baltistan

Hunza(Monitoring Desk): Attabad Lake,Hunza will be converted into a dam that will generate much need electricity in the area and in this regard summary has been submitted to Prime Minister, stated Pir Karam Ali Shah, Governor Gilgit-Baltistan. He further said all efforts had been put to reduce the water level in the lake but there are no further possibilities to reduce the level of water. Governor expressed that instead of wasting resources on reducing the level of water in the lake which is almost 600 feet deep and more than two miles long should be beneficially converted into a power generating dam.

There is a mix feeling among the people of the area on this proposal. Although, people feel that it is a very good suggestion considering that electricity is one of the most important and underserved need of the area which is hampering the development prospects. However, the major issue and hurdle is the resettlement of the effectees of the lake from Shishkat, Ayeenabad, Attabad and Sarat who are still under open sky in poorly managed and resourced camps for almost over three years. Two IDPs were brutally killed by the police, while they were peacefully demonstrating for their rights ahead of the visit of Chief Minister, Gilgit-Baltistan.

At the same time the government agencies had rounded up 100s of IDPs on the false charges under Anti Terrorism Act (ATA) and tourcher in the confinement cell in Gilgit. Still a group of seven human rights activists and member of Labour Party Pakistan who also represents Peoples Youth Front, Gilgit-Baltistan under the leadership of Baba Jan are languishing in Gilgit Prison on the false charges of terrorism. In fact Baba Jan was campaigning for the rights of the IDPs of Attabad Lake.

If Govt. of Gilgit Baltistan (GoGB) is interested in developing any fruitful project, first it must resolve the genuine issues and concern of the people of the area. Arrange resettlement of  Attabad Lake IDPs and with draw all the false cases against IDPs and Human Rights Activists including Baba Jan.



3 Responses to [News] Attabad Lake, Hunza will be Converted into a Power Generating Dam-Governor Gilgit-Baltistan

  1. Gojali says:

    After killings of IDPs the only thing left to snatch the limited land resource and the KKH from the local peope and force their migration by the so called democratic country.we can not trust the illetrate political regime of Gilgit mostly from a specific region they will never care,but this will be not possible as long our big friend China is with us and the educated youth of Gojal will defend their legitemate right to live as an independent citizen where they live now without a fake political set up.They will fight for their just right.DIAMER Basha is enough for power and politics.

  2. nadeem says:

    when new road will complete ?
    what’s the latest development? any Local person can tell me?

  3. ajaz ali says:

    very nic and so much wounderfull picture,

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