[News] Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly Announced 19.3 Billion Rupee Budget 2012-13

Gilgit (GBLA):Mr. Muhammad Ali Akhter, Finance Minister, Gilgit-Baltistan legislative Assembly (GBLA) has announced its annual budget of 19.9 Billion Rupee for year 2012-13. The budget allocation is 8.3 billion for development projects, and 11 billion for non-development activities.

The salient feature of the budget includes a 20 % expected raise in the salaries of Govt. employees, promises of creating 6000 jobs in government sectors particularly in the sector of education and security forces. Subsidies and loan right off will consume 0.72 billion of the budget. The power generation sector will get a chunk of 0.90 billion rupees. It has been stated that with the completion of current power project will generate 14 MW, whereas the new proposed project will generate 34 MW of electricity.

District wise distribution of development funds is 25 % for Skardu, 17% for Gilglit, 15% for Diamer, 14 % for Ghizer, 11 % for Hunza-Nagar, 10% for Ghanche and 8% for Astore.


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