C-130 will Operate for Commercial Flights to Gilgit-Baltistan

Gilgit (Monitoring Desk): The Chief Minister Gilgit-Baltistan stated that a MoU between PIA and Ministry of Defence to hire C-130 plans for the purpose regular flights on commercial basis between Islamabad, Gilgit and Skardu is in process. CM further stated that considering the plight of people of Gilgit-Baltistan due to enormous issue of unavailability of flights I will take the matter with Asif Ali Zardari, president of Pakistan.

I am very hopeful that he will consider this matter very sympathetically and will address the matter on urgent basis. People of Gilgit-Baltistan consider this as a major step to mitigate their troubles of travelling between Islamabad and Gilgit, which by roads take 20 hours and highly insecure as well.  At the same time it will be very helpful to boost tourism.


3 Responses to C-130 will Operate for Commercial Flights to Gilgit-Baltistan

  1. aly shafa says:

    good initaitive, but CM should have direct contact with private commercial Airlines as well, i remember , one of private sector ariline showed interst, this will bring competions , and resulting in competion for healthy fare reducation which will altimatly benefit the oppressed people, goverment should go for commercial ties rather than dependency of the sick system of pakisatn which its self seems seeking help to alive,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, GB should have its own resource…

  2. hunzai says:


  3. manzoor says:

    no one take interst in Giligt Baltistan development peoples earn trillians from this region but not senseare it is good to take action but do more as this region is a international hub and tourism paradise.

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