[Mews] American Embassy Establish Reading Room in Skardu, Giglit-Baltistan

Skardu (US Embassay): In an effort to develop strong linkage between the people of US and Gilgit-Baltistan, American Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan is making tremendous efforts. In series of development activities  that involves US-Aid, the Govt. of America has started various important development initiative through NGOs and Govt. of Gilgit-Baltistan.  In the continuation of its efforts American diplomats highlighting the books, magazine, and computer resources for the new Pakistan America Friendship Reading Room located in Skardu. Opened last month, this joint project between the local Skardu government and the U.S. Embassy will serve as a platform to engage youth in a remote mountainous and strategically important region of Giglit-Baltistan.


4 Responses to [Mews] American Embassy Establish Reading Room in Skardu, Giglit-Baltistan

  1. aly shafa says:

    we appreciate these constructive efforts by USA mission, its too late still its good initaitive to have strong relationship and link between the two. we think USA should faster its activities so that the oppressed people of the region may get their destination soon, there are many araes to be developed to make life sustainbale in GB, specailly the education, economic development which never done before, conservation of forest and protection of wildlife and culture and heritage are the most volnerable areas to be addressed soon. there are many local organizations working but to lack of finacial support they can not work effectively, Hamaliya Green Society is working for last 10 years but could not bring any innovative solution for alternative engery to cutdwon the high rate of greenwood utilization as source of fire wood its just because of lack of funding, otherwise they have excellent planning for this. i would say USA should contact local NGOs rather than National level NGOs who usally consumed more than 60% on expenditures

  2. Salman says:

    This is a very small deed, We expect some thing big such as a University / a big library, a school for poor students with american teachers etc . A book seller can do this for us and it is not a big deal.

  3. aly shafa says:

    salaman you are right, this stage will come soon inshallah , not only USA , other world developed nations will work for developement of GB, currently the Govt of pakistan and its policy is the main hurdle, they want to keep us further in trouble in which our almost two generation passed their life, in simplicity saying what ever the conditions Pakisatn zindabad, this our uncondtional love made these stupids LORDS on the our land(GB), take caring just their intrest not bothering to heed our problems and issued, they are craeting many problems pre-planed as well.
    i would request our youth try to understand and wakeup,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, jeay GBians

  4. nazir ali says:

    it is indeed very good initiative the people should know that the people of America are our friends the propaganda of so called Mull as should be exposed

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