Mr. Ghulam ud Din Passed Away on 3rd November 2011

From the FB of Ahmed Jami Sakhi:  Mr. Ghulam ud Din, a renowned Social and political leader from Gulmit Gojal passed away on 3rd November 2011 at AKUH Karachi. He was the founding President of The Pak-Wakhi Tajik Culture Association (WTCA); The founding Chairman of Al-Amin Model School Gulmit; The Chairman of REB for Hunza Gojal; The Chairman of HERP Hunza; and Member of Program Planning and Advisory Committee (PPAC) of PDCN (AKU-IED). He rendered selfless services to the communities of Hunza-Gojal in several capacity for decades and will be remembered for a very long period by the inhabitants of Hunza-Gojal valley.

Mr. Ghulam ud Din was suffereng from kidney failure over the past more than a decade and was under treatment at AKUH. His untimely demise a great loss not only to his immediate kith and kins but to the people of Hunza-Gojal in particular and GB in general.
His dead body will be burried in his native village Gulmit on 5th November 2011 in the presence of thousands of relatives, friends and community members.

May his soul rest in eternal peace! Amien!!!


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