Gilgit City Under Grip of Violence- 3 people killed in past 10 days

Once more the capital of Gilgit-Baltistan the city Gilgit is under the heavy hands of terrorists who killed three men in the past ten days alone. Two men were killed just three days before Eid in the day light while they were out with their family for Eid shopping. Today, once more the terrorists have killed one more man and other jet seriously injured. The cause of the recent violence is not very clear but clues indicate to the sectarian clashes.

In Gilgit city there are several law enforcement agencies both working on intelligence and action to maintain law and order situation. Although Gilgit is not a big city as Karachi is, neither the routes for the escape of criminal are widely open as in Karachi. There are only three routes which allow people to go out of Gilgit and on all three routs 24 hours there are security and law enforcement agencies who often randomly search people walking through the check posts.

There is lot of anger and criticism on the inability of law enforcement agencies to cull killings in a city like Gilgit despite their apparent heavy presence. Rangers and police have started search operation however, there is not any significant success which is communicated to the press, rather residents in various localities of Gilgit have complained on the indiscriminate raids into homes by police and rangers without any assigned reason. People have protested to the government to stop blind and indiscriminate search operation and focus on the credible information for the arrest of killers.

There is a wide spread fear among the various communities of Gilgit over the recent surge in the killings and violence.


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