[Report] Jail Bahrou- Protest in Hunza-Killing in Gilgit-Mehdi Shah may go

By: Ahmad Mustaf

The civil society of Hunza backed by all political parties including PPP Hunza chapter have staged a protest ‘Jail Bahrou’ against indiscriminate mid-night police raids as a revenge by the administration of Mehdi Shah Govt.  . The protest is in continuation of killing of IDPs of Attabad Disaster by the police which the independent investigations and assessment leads to cause of the killing to a dubiously orchestrated plan by the Govt. of Mehdi Shah.

In a very rare and very strong thrust of anger the Speaker of Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA) Wazir Baig who also hails from Hunza exploded first time ever on the government of his own party PPP. Wazir Baig remained very staunch loyal of his party and government and defended the government action until now at every cost. However, his resent move is very very unusual, sources close to Speaker Wazir Baig stated that the current killing and arrest of innocent people of Hunza by his very own government and credible information of the Government of Mehdi Shah’s very planned and orchestrated recent violent incident in Hunza has infuriated him to the extreme and he felt betrayed by the Chief Minister Mehdi Shah. Therefore, Wazir Baig, Speaker of the house of Gilgit-Baltistan has criticized publically the brutalities of Mehdi Shah Govt.  At the same time the President of PPP-Hunza hapter Mr. Karim has resigned against the recent indiscriminate midnight raids at the homes in Aliababad, Altit, Karimabad, Murtazabad, Nasirabad, and Hussanabad by police at the order of Chief Minister Mehdi Shah.

Mr. Karim declared the Chief Minister Mehdi Shah as an incompetent, bias and corrupt politician, who is only interested to amass a wealth through corruption and nepotism.  Mr. Karim also criticized Wazir Baig for his inaction and inability to protect and lead the innocent and peaceful people of Hunza at the time of need.

The protest has supported of all factions of the Hunza-Nagar District and the District of Gilgit, will remain to be very peaceful but will be a high threat to the Govt. of Mehdi Shah. Many other MLAs including Muhammad Ali Akhter the Finance Minister of GB, who hails from Nagar have said to having thrown his support to the protest, who is already in distasteful relationship with the CM, Mehdi Shah.

Rumors are also circulating that Mehdi Shah might be asked to resign from the Chief Minister-ship of Gilgit-Baltistan or he may be dethrone through vote of no-confidence. Very close allies of Chief Minister such as Advisor of Tourism, Culture and Youth,  Sadia Danish, Dr. Ali Madad Sher and many others also have distanced themselves from Chief Minister in the recent past due to his controversial decisions, nepotism and inaction.

The recent killing in Gilgit may prove the last nail in the coffin of the Chief Ministership of Mehdi Shah. Where on the third last day of the Ramadan Mubarak two people have been shot by terrorist and in the Gilgit city there is extreme anger among the communities against the inability of Mehdi Shah’s govt. It is reported that people in Gilgit-Baltistan without any discrimination of sect, language and geographical affiliation have planned to stage mass rallies against the Mehdi Shah Govt.  The protesters may will have a sit in in front of the building of Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly, at Chinar Bagh, Giglit.


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