Two People Shot in Gilgit City

Gilgit:Two people have been shot in Gilgit city, near Itihad Chowk one of the victim has been pronouced dead while the other person is seriously injured. According to eye witness two men on a motorcycle came and shot at the two men and the two children  accompanying the men.  However, the children are unharmed.

According to the eye witness the asailent sprayed bullets and escaped, as it took police to reach the crime scene half an hour despite the city police station is located just minutes away from the crime seen. The body of the victims remained in the pool of blood for about 25 minutes, as there were no rescue services available and by standards were afraid to intervene. Only after 25 minutes the local people have took the victims to the nearby hospital where one person is pronouced dead and the other seriously injured.

The shopkeepers in the area of Itihad chowk have closed their shops out of fear. There is very serious and high level of anger among the people over the lack of efficiency of police personnel and other law enforcement agencies. In  practice Gilgit City is a security graission where more than six uniform agencies including Army, FC, Gilgit Scouts, Police, Chitral Scouts (on Occasions) and Levies are stationed other than a equal number of intelligence agencies.  Despite claims of the Govt. and law enforcement agencies peace could not have been restored in Gilgit City, which is main commercial hub of Gilgit-Baltistan.

The identity of the victims is not yet disclosed, and people are requested to remain clam and peaceful as the holy month of Rmadan is to end and Eid is just at two days distance.


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