The Story of Love By Shahid Qalander

GB Times: Shahid Akhtar Qalander is renown and one of the most popular poet and singer of Gilgit-Baltistan. His poetry and signing is in Brushahki language. He hails from Faizabad Altit-Hunza and studied at Indus Valley School of Arts, Karachi and currently resides in Kuwait.

The poetry of Shahid Qalandar is in majority consists of romantic songs; however he has also song the folk, devotional and social lyrics as well. By nature he is a very sophisticated and humble personality, he loves nature, sought inspiration for his poetry from nature and human relationships are the most important constituent of his poetry.

Soon Giglit-Baltistan time will be releasing his interview about his work, interests, personal life and other important feasts of his life.

The 5th album ‘Story of Love’ is a much waited gift on Eid for his fans around the world. We hope his fans once more will find a magnificent food for their souls.




One Response to The Story of Love By Shahid Qalander

  1. Sajjad Haider (AKYSB) says:

    Shahid Qalandri is Music legend of Gilgit-Baltistan. His melodious voice and enchanting lyrics are widely appreciated by people of GB across Pakistan. We wish he May rise higher and higher in his professional career as well in field of music…Ameen!

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