Youth see it as a great conspiracy against peaceful people of Hunza (Hunzukutz).

Gilgit (GB Times): Gilgit Baltistan (GB) Youth across Pakistan shocked over the brutal killings of two innocent Attaabad Lake IDPs.  The incident took place at Aliabad Hunza, when the IDPs protesting against the refusal of a Local Bank to pay the compensation money to the affected people of Attaabad Disaster.

On hearing the news, the GB youth staged protests in different cities and continues till now. They demanded the government to bring the culprits and murders to the justice. They said that the people of Hunza are a peaceful nation and have sacrificed their lives for the defense of the country.

They said the anti-state elements are conspiring against Hunzukutuz to defame and malign them. They do not want to see Hunzukutz to prosper and progress. They warned the anti – state elements that they will not succeed in their willful intentions and youth will unite to annul any such intentions.

The youth blamed the current rubber stamped government of Mehdi Shah and its inability to tackle and resolve the issues of IDPs. They also condemned the Wazir Baig and Mutabiate Shah, elected representatives from Hunza, for not taking the IDPs issues seriously. They demanded their resignation and questioned and doubted their mysterious silence over the issue.  They warned Mehdi Shah Government not to take any benefit from the peaceful nature of Hunzukutz otherwise it will see the repercussions of this misconception.

At the same time the youth and leaders of Hunza have appealed all people to remain peaceful and not to take the law in their hand, but to effectively struggle for justice through peaceful means within the orbit of the Law of the land. Across Pakistan many youth and leader organizations have worked throughout the night to ensure that on the second day of the brutal act of the police no any outwards mishap should occur. The people of Gilgit-Baltistan have arranged protest rallies all across Pakistan to condemned the brutal killing of two IDPs of Attabad Disaster, in Hunza.


2 Responses to Youth see it as a great conspiracy against peaceful people of Hunza (Hunzukutz).

  1. Jublee Muhammad says:

    we should be calm ,,we are civilize people ,protest like this not suit us,,,,people will use us for their political means and we cant,,,,we should condemn in a good manner,please please just prove once again we are peace loving people , if we react like others thn wht will be difference ,,,,we all condemn shameful act of police and need to united all beyond differences,,,

  2. GBian says:

    To the best of my knowledge no any protest has been reported from any city of the country except Gilgit and Hunza. Don’t exaggerate Mr. reporter!

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