A teen age girl in Gilgit committed suicide

Gilgit (GB Times): A teen age girl from Konadas-Gilgit committed suicide by jumping into Gilgit river from historic wooden bridge of Konadas. The identity of the girl was not revealed for the sack of privacy. In the police station it was reported that the girl had argument with her brother on a petty matter but was not thinkable that she will take it so seriously and commit suicide.

It is to be noted that over a very short period of time 10 people have committed suicide, mostly on petty issue and majority of them are youth. This is an alarming trend and it needs to be thoroughly researched and investigated to look into this awful trend. However, most of the people are of the view that that a rapid change in the socio-economic life style of the people in Gilgit-Baltistan is a major cause of the issue. Coupled with the rapid increase in the suicide cases, a sharp increase in the psychological problem particularly among the youth and women are noticed.


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