Opening of border with China is possible after detention of Terrorists – Muhmmad Ali Akhtar apologized for the attack of armed thugs

By: Muhammad Amin

Ali Abad Hunza :After the armed invasion of Borrit and Hussani village in Gojal-Hunza  by the armed thugs belonging to Nager that seems to have supported by the Govt. administration, protest rallies were taken all over Hunza condemning the acts of terrorism and and inaction of the security agencies of the government of Gilgit-Baltistan against militant groups. It is important to note that a minor dispute had occurred at the border of China and Pakistan between two groups of labour who are working on transporting the goods arrived from China. Following this event, almost 250 armed terrorists belonging to Nagar Valley stormed the villages of Hussani and Borit in Gojal Hunza. These armed thugs were have semi-automatic weapons and entered the homes of the residents of these two villages have beaten man and children and terrorized them and went back to Nagar.

It is interested to note that these terrorists travelled crossing to police Stations one in Aliabad and the other in Gulmit. It has taken them to reach Nagar from Gulmit 4 hours that also include journey by boat at Attabad Lake for two and half hour, still these armed thugs escaped uncaught by police neither in Gulmit and nor at Aliabad. This scenario very clearly shows who complicite the govt. security agencies were in this case. Being the area very sensitive there are several undercover government intelligence agencies which are working in the area still they failed to follow and caught these armed terrorists.  It is reminder of the attack on the village of Jalalabad in Gilgit by armed Taliban who travelled throughout Kohistan to Gilgit and went back safely after killing, torching crops, trees and terrorized women and children some they took with them. It is now very clear and it is a very worse part of the memories of people of Gilgit-Baltistan who are sure that it was planned with the support of than Govt. of Zia Ullaq otherwise those Taliban could never had been able to reach to Jalalabad and do the dooms day like attack there by crossing all the barriers of security agencies without the patronization of the Govt. administration. The very same way it has happened in Borrit and Hussani though not at that higher level.

Following the closing of the border for trade by the people of Hunza and protest rallies a committee under the leadership of the Finance Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan Muhammad Ali Akhtar met with the community representative of Hunza. The community representatives were comprised of President Ismalilia Regional Council for Hunza Dr. Khawaja Khan, Ex-Vice-President Ismaili National Council Brig (rt.) Hassamullah Baig, Chairman Ismaili Religious and Tariqh Board Mr.Bulbul and other social figures belonging to Hunza.

Mr. Muhammad Ali Akhtar who hails from Nagar has condemned the act of terrorism and thugs belonging to Nagar. He stated that “These thugs do not represent the peace loving people of Nagar at large, rather these are illiterate and ‘Jahil’ people who have brought a bad name to the entire community of Nagar Valley” he further stated that “We the people of Nagar are very grimly humbled by the acts of these few ‘Jahil’ (uneducated and foolish) people who have terrorized the peaceful and educated wise people of Borrit and Hussani”

The representatives from Hunza have made it clear that the act of armed terrorism and existence of huge amount of armed with these terrorist out fits are a huge threat for the peace loving people of Hunza-Nagar district. They emphasized that government must take immediate step to curb these armed terrorist elements without any discrimination. They further stated that people of Hunza have favored education over the state of Jahiliyat and acquired the wealth of education for peace over the choice of weapons of distraction. However, if times comes and being forced they have stated  that “the course of history is very clear for everyone that people of Hunza know to defend themselves better than any other”.

Later the Mr. Muhammad Ali Akhat visited the people suffered at the hands of terrorist and thugs and assured that government will compensate all the loss incurred to the people of the two villages and he also announced a water Channel for the Borrith village.

The people of Hunza, have also made it clear that the boarder will not open for trade until or unless the terrorists and thugs involved in the attack on innocent people in an organized way are not arrested.  They people of Hunza have also condemned their political representatives Mr. Wazir Baig and Mutabiat Shah for failing to provide any support and their inability to protect the people of Hunza, particularly the people of Gojal, Hunza once more repainted their decision to support these two candidates. It was the support of the people of Gojal-Hunza which has made it possible for Wazir Baing and Mutabiat Shah to reach the echelons of power in the GBLA but again and again they failed to rescue people of Gojal when need of the time was there.

Social and community representative of Hunza have highly emphasized on the dewapanization of the district of Hunza-Nagar which is a constant threat for the peace of the region.


3 Responses to Opening of border with China is possible after detention of Terrorists – Muhmmad Ali Akhtar apologized for the attack of armed thugs

  1. Manzoor Gigi says:

    Dear Editor,
    I think the media should play neutral role and show the reality despite showing one side end.You are comparing this indent with 88 situation which is totally wrong as you know well this that how many Innocent people were killed that time and just tell me how many people were killed in this incident? One more thing that you are only supporting people of Hunza but not showing any reality why this incident happened and what are the real facts.Being a part of that area I have right to ask you stop this discrimination and show the real facts despite blaming. This is a minor clash between few people and you just blame on whole Nagar nation which is totally wrong.

    For God sake stop this as we have already so many issue to discussed why you are going to confuse people

    Again for God sake stop this

  2. Dear Manzoor,

    Thank you so much for your nice comments and highlighting your concerns regarding the opinion of the writer of the said article.

    Indeed, it is important to understand the root causes of the issues instead of blaming one or the other party without proper investigation. Having said this it is to be recognized that any sought of violence needs to be condemned. Any difference between groups should be sorted out according to the law and our peaceful customary values and norms.

    The opinion expressed in the articles are the views of the writers which not necessarily represents the views of Gilgit-Baltistan Times. We always welcome difference of opinion at intellectual level in a cultural and civilized manner. We would highly appreciate your contributions in future as well.

    Lets assure that Gilgit-Baltistan is always striving to create harmony, peace and love among the people of Gilgit-Baltistan without any partialism.

    With best regards,

    GB Times Team

  3. The Obscurantist says:

    @writer of the ‘OPENING OF BORDERS WITH CHINA…………..’
    Your article is for sure commendable at certain notes but there are some important things that you overlooked either mistakenly or may be in someway ;deliberately’.Just as this one,
    you did not anywhere or in any way mention why the armed thugs(as you call them) attacked the working boon out there?you potentiated the very fact of the outrageous act of the attackers but did not bother to cite any of the many causes of this conflict.You know very good that whenever there is a conflict there are two rivals.Its pretty obvious ‘why would someone intrude my home and harass my people unless i did not bother him/her in the first place?
    don’t you think the article looks pretty more melodramatic and not a thorough insight of the incident which would be welcomed by not just one group of people but the actual whole.
    i won’t discriminate one side just cause i belong to it and edge out all the possible redundant errors done by it.Rather the best way for you and for everyone is to bring in limelight the issues with any iota of partiality and guess what for you as a writer is your utmost responsibility to look at both sides of the picture and the possible colors of a rainbow cause on that way you are gonna descend down the inherent meaning of being a ‘responsible writer’
    best of luck,
    The Obscurantist

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