[Interview] Saeeda Mirbazkhan-Winner of International Book Writers USA

Saeeda Mir the winner of International Book Writing Competition in USA. Belongs to SULTANABAD, DANYORE GILGIT. She has studied at Army Public School JUTIAL, GILGIT and now is pursuing her studies in ISLAMABAD. She is a very talented and hardworking girl with clear vision and objective to be achieved in her life. GB Times had requested an Interview with her to know about her journey from Gilgit-Baltistan to USA and wining the prestigious title of International Book Writers.

GB Times:  Saeeda, myriads of congratulation for winning the award. You must be very happy!!!

“Personally it is a great encouragement for me as there were 1900 participants from all over the world and I won the award representing Pakistan and Gilgit-Baltistan.”

Saeeda:  Thank you so much, indeed I am very happy to receive this internationally acclaimed award in USA. Personally it is a great encouragement for me as there were 1900 participants from all over the world and I won the award representing Pakistan and Gilgit-Baltistan. I am overwhelmed by the support and good wishes extended to me by the people of Gilgit-Baltistan and Pakistan. I am very thankful to Prime Minister of Pakistan who invited me to appreciate my achievement and honored me with the prize.

GB Times:  Indeed it is a great achievement for yourself and you have made hundreds of thousands of people in Gilgit-Baltistan and Pakistan proud of you. Would you please let us know how you have got the skills to write and from where you got this inspiration?

Saeeda:  Once more thank you. In fact I am a very avid reader of books and newspapers and have an interest to share with others what I have learned and know. Writing is one of the ways which has provided me the opportunity to share with wider society what I do know and understand.

Much of writing skills I have learned from books and newspapers. Whenever Iface a problem I consult the books and learn from there. Of course it requires hard work.

GB Times:  What is the title of the book for which you have won the award?

Saeeda:  The title of the book is ‘Drugs and its Affects’ and subtitle is Drugs free world.

GB Times:  Have you focused it on any particular region?

Saeeda:  The drug abuse is an international problem, in Asia, Africa, North America, and South America, I mean everywhere in the world. Therefore it is not specific to any particular region rather the book covers the severe problem of drug abuse and its ferocious implication on human beings at large.

GB Times: Have you also made attempts to highlight issues other than drug abuse in our society?

Saeeda: Yes, for sure. I have also written articles on the topic of Education and women, Computer and Modern Age, Corruption, Terrorism, Population Explosion in the world.

GB Times: Great, you have covered a wide range of important topics. May we know how it would have been possible for you to cover this wide spectrum of knowledge at such a young age?

Saeeda: I am an avid reader of books, journals, newspapers and English novels, while I am doing my research for a particular topic I come across other related matter as well and I pay and extra heed to those which I feel important that way it helps me to have a grip on a broad spectrum of topics. I always keep my mind and eyes open which helps me to see the issues of society at large and acquire knowledge of the topic which I feel is important.

GB Times: Would you like to share your ambitions for the studies in future?

Saeeda: I am looking forward to study law. After graduation I would do LLB and afterwards would seek to excel in the field of law.

GB Times: Professionally where have you set your eyes? What would you like to be as a professional?

Saeeda: I am looking forward to be a judge of the court.

“Currently in this field there are a few women and is a male dominant profession, I would like to be a women judge that could represent the bold status ofwomen and their interest in dispensation of justice for themselves and for the society.”

GB Times: Great! Why do you like to become a judge?

Saeeda: Provision of justice is an important pillar for a stable and fair society which ensures development in all other area of a nation and society. Currently in this field there are a few women and is a male dominant profession, I would like to be a women judge that could represent the bold status of women and their interest in dispensation of justice for themselves and for the society.

GB Times: It really sounds fabulous. How would you think of the current situation in Gilgit-Baltistan and what are the areas that need to be improved?

Saeeda: This is a very important question and nearer to my heart. I am always thinking for the socio-economic development of our region and taking the advantage of our enormous potential and resources. There are a lot of things which need improvement, however, the very important thing to develop human resource; currently we have only one University which is of course not in a position to cater all our important needs. During my meeting with Prime Minister of Pakistan I have emphasized on establishing more high quality higher educational institutes.  Currently we need Medical Institute, Engineering Institute and a well-established modern Hospital as there is none that causes huge suffering for the people of the area.

GB Times: At national level you have received a very high encouragement as both Prime Minister have invited you and honored you with the prize. Did the Chief Minister, Governor and Advisor for Youth, Culture and Tourism of Gilgit-Baltistan have contacted you. Because a great daughter of Gilgit-Baltistan you have brought fame and honor for our motherland. As well as it would be an inspiration for many other young minds in our region.

Saeeda: It is true and I am very thankful to the national government, specifically Prime Minister who have honored me with meeting, listening my point of views and encouraged me a lot. I hope, the government of Gilgit-Baltistan would also follow the same as you have mentioned it would a honor for me personally and it would also provide a chance for me to share my experiences and view for the development of our youth.


GB Times: I am sure the responsible authorities of GB government are reading your interview and hopefully will pay attention to it.

Saeeda: With a smile, I hope so.

“I feel a great comfort in painting and writing articles. I do paintings; I have also included my hand paintings in the book I have written.”

GB Times: Saeeda, how do you spend your spare time if you get some beside reading and writing?

Saeeda: I feel a great comfort in painting and writing articles. I do paintings; I have also included my hand paintings in the book I have written.

GB Times: That is so great; you are an artist as well besides a writer. When do we expect your book to touch the book store and then hands of your well-wishers and fans?

Saeeda: I hope very soon! Will let you know as soon as I will get copies of it.

GB Times: Thank you Saeeda, It is really magnificent to talk to you and we wish you very best for all your future endeavors.

 Saeeda: At last I requested to Government of Gilgit Baltistan encourage me on and recognized me on my best performance. This will also encourage me to work hard and brighten the name of Gilgit Baltistan and of my beloved country.

I also thank you GB Times. You are doing a great job of creating awareness and provision of information to the people Gilgit-Baltistan specifically and world at large.

Saeeda could be reached at: saeedamirbazkhan@yahoo.com


12 Responses to [Interview] Saeeda Mirbazkhan-Winner of International Book Writers USA

  1. Adnan Hunzai says:

    Saeeda, Congratulation, it is a great achievement for you, your family and our whole area of Gilgit-Baltistan. I saloute you the proud daughter of Gilgit-Baltistan.

    Adnan Hunza

  2. Faheem Baig says:

    No dought,you are an inspiring personality for the Gilgit-Baltistan people and for women particularly.I extend my hearties gratitude to you on winning this achievemnt !!I Proud you you.
    Regards Faheem baig Karimabad Hunza

  3. Sajjad Haider (KIU) says:

    Hats off to you our proud sister of GB. May you embrace more and more such rousing success… Aamin!


  4. Salman Ahmad says:

    It is a briliant success of a beloved daughter of Gilgit-Baltistan. We are very proud of our sisters who have achived success in all the fileds.

    The government of Gilgit-Baltistan should wake up and must appreciate this proud daughter of Gilgit-Baltistan for her excellent achievements.

    Salman Ahmad

  5. Abrar Hussain says:


    Saeeda many congrats with the core of heart on a delightful event
    U proved that natives of Gilgit Baltistan have capability to compete the entire world
    Hope to loot more 🙂


    Abrar hussain

  6. A.K.Aslam says:

    Hats off to you Saeeda! Proud of you! You are a source of inspiration for all the girls from Gilgit -Baltistan and especially those from Sultanabad! Stay blessed! A.K.Aslam, Africa

  7. Manzoor Gigi says:

    Thumbs up
    You have done a brilliant job and showed the world that how much there is talent in people who are living in the shadows of big mountains, again many many congrats and wishing you for your bright future

    Manzoor Gigi
    Technical Project Manager
    Etisalat UAE

  8. SUHAIL says:

    saloute you the proud daughter of Gilgit-Baltistan.

  9. iftikhar says:


  10. Ejaz Karim Shugulo says:

    Congrats Saeeda for your hardships, infact you are proud daughter of Gilgit-Baltistan

  11. k din says:

    Well done and many many congrats saeeda. You made us so proud of our natives plus all the best for your journey ahead.
    K din

  12. Admirer says:

    excellent work done, —(edited)——–

    What a pride of parents, nation and the country and not the last, but lest of girls/women


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