A Trip to Ondra fort, Gulmit Gojal, Hunza

GB Times (Zeeshan Jabbar, Gulmit): Ondra fort, Gulmit is situated in Gojal, Hunza. Ondra Fort served as a historical palace for Raja Shehbaz khan till 1949. The fort was abandoned for residence and with the passage of time due to absence of maintenance the fort has turned into ruins. The study of history informs Forts and Palaces are very importance sources of knowing the way people were living, their socio-economic condition, patterns of governance, weather of the area, as well as use of technology besides the skills of arts and crafts. The forts and palaces have also become cultural symbols and source of pride for the people of the area. Very obliviously much of the information we have today about ancient Mesopotamia, Babylonia, Greeks and Egyptians have been recovered and deciphered from the objects found in the remains of places and forts of the kings. This lesson is more closely clear for us in the shape of Baltit Fort and Altit Fort restored by AKDN. Realizing the importance of the cultural heritage efforts are being made to reconstruct and restore the significant fort of Ondra.


Taking the first practical step the Committee for Restoration of Ondra Fort (CROF) has arranged a study trip for the senior citizens of Gulmit. The objective of this trip was to record the history of the Ondra Fort from the senior citizens who had seen the Fort at times when it was in good condition. CROF is a body of local people who have planned to reconstruct the fort. The main purpose of the trip was to listen from the senior citizens what they know about the fort, senior citizen were very happy of the trip as it has provided opportunities for them to refresh their memories as well as a picnic and more importantly they expressed their deep desire to contribute towards the reconstruction of the Fort. Senior citizens have also shown their enthusiasm towards efforts of safeguarding the important cultural heritage as very important steps to preserve our cultural identity at the face of ruthless globalization.


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