A Beautiful Poem- On Father’s Day


By: Salima Mehdi

Love the way you brought me up,

you have given all that you had,

all that a child requires,

you so lovingly gave it to me,


and still giving so generously,

and i know i owe it back to you,

and i promise i wont disappoint you.


Love the way you raise my spirits,

when am low or down,

the way you gently calm me down,

that i even forget  to frown.


Love the way you so patiently listen to all that i have to say,

even love your anger, though it often scares me off.

the way you kindly smile down at me,

and you instantly know how i feel,

just by glancing at me.


Love the way you have lead your life,

i like you, will never give up,

and will always strive.


No matter what age i may be,

i am and shall always remain your baby,


My life is meaningless without you,

so always remain beside me,

For whatever i am,

I am because of you.


I love you.

You are the most loving father in the world,

there could ever be….

The poetess is a student of Media Studies and belongs to Karimabad, Hunza


6 Responses to A Beautiful Poem- On Father’s Day

  1. Ahmad Hunzai says:

    It is a wonderful poem on father’s days. I am very much happy to see the high level of intelectual potential of the youth of Hunza-Gilgit-Baltistan.

    It is a proof that in Hunza not boys only girls too are very much forward looking and highly educated.

    Well done Salima for this great poem!!!

    Ahmad Hunzai

  2. Fariah shah says:

    This is a lovely poem expressed with deep feelings and emotions. Do you also write normally?

  3. Sultan shah says:

    Very impressive, I do agree with Fariah, it is a very nice expression of emotions and deep feeling one could have for their father. I hope it is a very excellent gift of you to your Baba!!!

    Keep on wirtting……

    Sultan Shah, Islamabad

  4. fabulous effort by Ms. Saleema.nice expression of emotions and affection for beloved father . We do appreciate salima’s poem and wish her give even more outstanding efforts. we the youths of Gilgit-Baltistan should play our roles in order to bring farward such tallents from different corners of GB by providing them a plateform for each individual..

  5. Ashiya says:

    A very nice poem, simple and elegent 🙂


  6. qizill says:

    good one carry on …

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