Mr. Sahib Khan Sought apology for SAMA TV’s Program of Krakorum Cultural Show

In presence of community notables from Hunza-Gilgit and youth who gathered in hundreds to condemn a program telecasted by SAMA television named as ‘Karakurom Cultural Show’, the organizer of the show Mr. Sahib Khan apologized. The show has ignited anger across Gilgit-Baltistan, where people felt that the show of SAMA Television and the Organizer has misrepresented the traditions and culture of Hunza. The main concern is shown over public dancing of girls and for mixing the religious rituals with socio-cultural elements. 

Mr. Sahib Khan has expressed his apologies saying that it all was not with any bad intentions rather was based on his experience of over seven years where he was arranging the same kind of shows but at smaller level and were having limited publications in the news paper. However, Sahib Khan stated that he is very sorry for any hurt feelings the program has caused to his fellows of his motherland of Gilgit-Baltistan and in future he would avoid any uneducated representation of culture. The mediators were Mr. Amir Ali a well known community social worker and senior citizen, Mr. Abbas Ali, Chairman Hunza-Gilgit Socail Welfare Organization;  Mir. Fidaullah Nasiri, Mr. Meherban Khan, Mr. Iqbal Barcha, chairman and cabinet member respectively, of Hunza-Gilgit Students Federation.

The participants had demanded and made commitment to not allow any individual (he or she) to misrepresent culture.


2 Responses to Mr. Sahib Khan Sought apology for SAMA TV’s Program of Krakorum Cultural Show

  1. Farhad baig Beeshkar karimabad Hunza. says:

    that is good if Mr Sahib Khan appologise for SAMA TV Programme in front of the notables of Hunza,Gilgit and youth of Hunza,and we all youth have to reject if any individual in wrong manner representing our culture.and sahib had should have to very very sorry about the very heart and bed feelings of us,

    thanking u
    Farhad Baig
    Beeshkar,Karimabad Hunza.

  2. r says:

    as in these days every body has ease access to information and communication technology and this faciltiy sometimes got misused consiously or unconciously .there is need to educate masses to not show such crude and unauthentic programs etc .our culture is just beginging to catch attention of our countrymen therefore we are
    supposed to be very cautitious while propagating our culture so that it could not be misconcieved.

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