We don’t have anything to support flood Victims-Chief Minister GB

Ghizer (Ahmed Wali): During a two days visit to the Ghizer Valley Syed Mehdi Shah, Chief Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan stated that we do not have funds to support the victims of floods, whatever was available has been spend on the victims of Attabad, Disaster. Gilgit-Baltistan is not a province rather it is on way to become a province so that we do not have funds.

In the rest of Pakistan flood victims have been supported on the basis of equal share of 50% both by the provincial and federal government, however,  GB does not have funds  therefore the Prime Minister has announced to compensate fold victims 100% by the federal government.

He further stated that you will get the support and compensation from the government when people in the rest of the Pakistan will get it, so wait till that time.

During a two days visit of the Ghizer the CM annugrated a girls degree college in Gahkuch, along with him there were Dr. Ali Madad Sher the minister for Education, Advisor to CM Sadia Danish, and MGBLA Yasmeen Nazar. 


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