Hunzo-e-Maraka Meets IDPs of Attabad at Attabad Lake Debries

IDPs of Attabad have spend the third day on the debris of Attabad Lake in a protest to meager level of government of Pakistan’s compensation package of only Rs. 600,000/= (Six hundred thousand only) for resettlement. The amount is not enough even to buy a land enough to build a house, leave alone construction of a decent house. It is to remember that Attabad IDPs have spend six months up till now in School camps at Altit and government of Pakistan and Gilgit-Baltistan have given them false hopes for their resettlement.

The Head of Armed forces of Pakistan at Gilgit visited the protesting IDPs at Attbad Lake debris. The protesting IDPs thanks the General for his visit and interest, however, they have informed him that they do respect the Arm Forces of Pakistan, but the responsibility of the rehabilitation is the responsibility of the civilian democratic government, so they asked the General to push the civilian government to resolve the issue.  The general went back without any breakthrough.

The following day Home Secretary of Gilgit-Baltistan visited the IDPs and informed that the Federal Govt. has allocated Rs. 600,000/= for each house hold for the rehabilitation purpose and nothing could be done any more. The IDPs should not expect any more than that. It has irked the IDPs further and home secretary went back home without any further development.

It is highly vulnerable situation for the IDPs of Attabad, Ayeenabad, Shishkat, Gulmit, Gulkin, and Hussaini. In this regard Hunzo-E-Maraka (Council of Hunza) which is comparising of the seniors and notables of Hunza held a meeting with IDPs of Gojal and Attabad and asked government to resolve the issues on priority basis. The Huzo-E-Maraka stated that the current situation of IDPs is highly critical if government will not resolve the issue they will support IDPs in all their protests in a strong way than it would be difficult for the government to uphold the congenial atmosphere.

IDPs have threatened to block any trade between China and Pakistan without having resolved their issues.


One Response to Hunzo-e-Maraka Meets IDPs of Attabad at Attabad Lake Debries

  1. MMQIZILL says:

    The Imamt day was a day of joy and happiness for all ismaili across the globe but the jamat of Attabad cannot able to celebrate it in traditional manner, The parents celebrate ceremony in disaster hit area while Children’s in camps
    The candle of Hope is diminishing day to day because there is no any positive response from government and civil society for the rehabilitation of victims, The people of Attabad return to the disaster hit area which has been declare dangerous zone area with disappointment , grief and despondency ,
    Hunza is consider one of the literate area in Pakistan but the leaders of this area didn’t show any interest in victims to guide them , to assist them and to help them to raise their voice on national level , the victims of attabad disaster have strong belief in their community institutions to resolve this matter but they also failed doing so ,
    Now we are looking towards the youth of Hunza Gojal who are the future of this area to play their role in this regard, the people of Attabad And Gojal victims have show exemplary tolerance and play the role of best citizen of the country without any illegal action and strikes ,they demand their rights in civilized manner but unfortunately this country give no any value to them ,

    Now if the problem is not resolve in this manner then we have to acquire our rights in Pakistani way that is violence , murder , law-abiding etc I am anxiously waiting for the response of youth who can feel the pain of victims of attabad who return back to danger zone ,we cannot afford any more loss ,
    I request to all youth kindly get up and give us your hands to overcome on this crucial situation , you may approach us on
    MM Qizill

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