Tempering With The Name of Attabad Lake?

The question ,Would it be Attabad Lake or Gojal Lake? raised due to a recent attempt of tempering the name of Attabad Lake as Gojal Lake by one of the local media blog.

When 20 people of Attabad (in majority Childern, women and elderly) lost their precious lives and the whole villages of Attabad and Sarat devastated due to the disastrous land sliding, it formed a lake on the Hunza River by blocking it. The water stretched upstream of the lake to Gulmit in Thesil Gojal-Hunza. Due to the increasing level of water which is measured more than 350 feet at depth and 32 KM of length has submerged villages of Ayeenabad, a major part of Shishkat and portions of Gulmit and Hussaini.

Due to the loss of 20 precious lives which has ruined lives of many families in the village of Attabad and Sarat in an irreparable way just in a few moments has shocked the whole world, particularly people in Hunza-Nagar, Gilgit-Baltistan, community and humanity world over. Although people have lost their homes, lands, orchards and other belonging established and constructed over generations but the cost of 20 human lives are no comparison to what material cost has been.

The world realized the grief and sorrow of the people of Attabad and families who have suffered heavily due to the affects of sudden demise of the 20 precious lives of loved and dear ones in Attabad. The lake which formed at the cost of the lives of 20 people was named Attabad, and in the foundation of the lake the lives of 5 people who were initially declared missing now for sure have become part of the foundation of the lake as yet they are not traceable, made people to name the lake in memory of 20 people who have lost their lives as ‘Attabad Lake’.

It was stunning to see recently in a local blog the lake was tried to be named as ‘Gojal Lake’. Many people think, why does this blog has attempted to temper with name of Attabad Lake? What is the purpose of this tempering act? While media world over is so much sensitive to the human lives. By tempering the name of the lake, it seems that the said blog has not considered the extent it would be hurting the feelings and emotions of the family members of those 20 people who died due to the Attabad Land Sliding including children, women, elderly and men.


5 Responses to Tempering With The Name of Attabad Lake?

  1. Manzoor says:

    I totally agree with the GB Times that it is very unfair to temper the name of the lake, as world know it with Attabad Lake, not becuase the people of Attabad have lost their property, but becuase 20 people have died in this very unlucky castastroph. The sympathies of people all over the world are with the families, loved and dear ones of those who have lost their precious lives. (May God Bless them with eternal Peace!! Amiin).

    Manzoor Ahmed

  2. Ajaz says:

    It is th time to remain united, certain elements may want a divide/dispute with in hunza creating such minor and meaning less issues. the local media groups and blogers should understand the senstivity of the issue and try not to give hipe to such issues. the people of hunza, whether attabad or gojal, have suffered alot and they are not in a position to have another disaster of division on th bases of such minor issues. if the people of hunza are called well educated, it is th time to prove the utility of the education otherwise i dnt think any region even with a literacy rate of 100% will mean any thing. the media group has a greate influence in the society, so please use ur influence in a positive way by finding out the issues which can unit the poeple of hunza instead of giving hip to such issues which cause breach and mistrust amongs th masses.

  3. sakih Ahmed says:

    I agree with the comments of Ajaz and Manzoor. Both have points. Let it be what it is, no tempering no renaming. Going with Ajaz I feel that some people with wested interest are trying to create gulf among people of Hunza by raising such trivial issue which are big enough to divide us. Remember “United we stand and divided we fall” like always we should stand togather for us to stand in this crucial time.

    Being educated mean to be more wise and to understand what is behind the screens than what is in front. see when people all over Hunza are togather even govt. could get bow it head. We know for many eyes our unity is a trouble, so they want to create cracks and cuts.

    It is requested to the influential people and media out-lets dont play in the hands of those who are our enemies in the shape of our friends. Let the lake be ‘Attababad Lake’ we are sympathies with the loved and dear ones of those whose sons, daughters, wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, and grand parents or in any other relation died tragically.

    Expecting and hoping decent and wise thoughts and actions from the well educated people of Hunza.

    Well Wisher and your brother,
    Sakih Ahmed

  4. Well, keeping in view the comments passed over such a critical issue having a lot inside of the move by certain elements within our society finnaly getting ways to divide us. Interestingly, what as a blogger we should do is not only focusing a certain periphery rather to realize its co-existance with the rest of the body. This is with the case of Hunza. Though equally well educated to outside world, we are still so selfish that we hardly able to realize the impacts of a single world on rest of the society for odd element keep in searching opportunities of creating disputes, divisions and even disintegration. I fully agree with the comments passed by Manzoor, Ajaz and Sakhi Ahmed bhai who categorically identified the nomenclature of the name of the disaster in which more than a dozen precious lives were lost at the alter of negligance of authorities and lake of our will to get them evacuate in time.
    I should repeat the views of Ajaz and Sakhi bhai to avoid giving hype to such issues and being an educated society, we must discourage tendencies that bring divide among us as in the case of misunderstandings emerged out of this sort of ventures would furhter suffer those in hurdles. Thus we can not afford to encourage such tendecies leading to flourish mistrsut among the masses across the blocked water.


    Well, it is very irony to know that still the Govt. is reluctant to extend helping hands towards the people of Attaabad, After Attaabad almost the whole country come under flood, and people of sindh, punjab and balochistan are more affected and crying for help but the Govt. is busy in culculating the ratio of percentage to be recovered from the donations that likely to come in the hands of the Govt. official and our president is very convern about his share lions share….. In fact the govt. is totally failed to maintain its writ and dont feeling any shame or honor the words spoken by the then leaders of PPP their famous slogan ROTI, KAPRA OOR MAKAN. All is dear now a days but the govt. in one hand admire the sayings of their leaders in other hand dont left any change of taking 10% but now the whole 100% as the 10% become 100% Let hope for natural justice one day the natural justice would come and these artificial Gods would realize their mistakes, as every muslim has unfettered faith that GOD is responsible for ROOTI, ….who are these leaders to challenge the authority of God…… that is why the result is in front of us, now these leader should take a lesson from their past. I suggest the leaders of PPP to change this slogan otherwise wreth of God is there for them.

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