[News] Protest by people of Attabad-Risking lives by returning to their homes at Attabad

Hunza (Moula Madad): People of Attabad, Hunza who have lost their homes and all belonging were living in the camps for last six months in the IDP camps. Government of Pakistan has kept them on false promises of resettlement and reasonable compensation.

The resent announcement by government of Pakistan has shocked and hurtled further the already devastated families of Attabad.  The government of Pakistan has announced only Rs. 600,000/= (Six hundred thousand Rupees only) equaling to 7500 UD$ only.  This amount is not even enough to purchase only one Kanal of land, but the government has asked the people to this amount would be enough for building a house and purchasing of land.

Despair with the government’s attitude people of Attbad in protest have started march towards Attabad, for resettlement. The area has been declared dangerous by experts and government for living. The armed forces of Pakistan have also said to establish a check post at Attabad, Hunza.

It is fear that if people of Attabad, including women and children will settle in the current conditions their lives would be under high risk.


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