Zardari will Discuss Bonji Dam and Khunjrave to Hawalian Railway Trak in China


During the current visit of Mr. Zardari President of Pakistan to China three projects would be highly important. 1) Bonji Dam 700 MW, 2) Atomic Power plant of 300 MW, 3)  Railway track between Khunjrab and Hawalian.

According to Government of Pakistan, nogotiations on these three projects on its final stage. This is the fifth visit of President Zardari to China so it shows the importance Pakistan is attaching with China.

The focus of the two projects the Bunji Dam and the Khunjrab to Hawalian railway tracks are Gilgit-Baltistan. Although it is in the interest of China and Pakistan at large but these both projects would bring economic revolution in Gilgit-Baltistan previously unseen.

Bonji Dam is expected to generate 700 MW which is in capacity more than that of Diamer-Bahsah are in it cost is loss very low. The total estimated cost of the Bunji Dam project is 6 billon US dollars. The Bonji Dam is said to be built by Three Gorges , on the basis of B.O.T (Build, Own, and Transfer) which is one of the largest dames construction firm in China. The Three Gorges, will build, own and operate the Bunji Dam and it would sell electricity to Pakistan.

Same as the Railway track between Khunjrab and Hawailian is vital for the transportation of much needed petroleum for China through Gawadar Port.

Regarding Atomic Power Plants, China has said to even offer Pakistan to build the plants free of cost.

It is highly important for the Government and people of Gilgit-Baltistan to make sure that their rights regarding Bunji Dam, in terms of its royalty and preferential supply of electricity to the people of Gilgit-Baltistan at low rates.


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