Threats of Mass Suicide- Spillway Outflow Increased to 15,500 cusecs at Attabad Lake Hunza

On Monday, 28 June the deadline for the expansion of spillway expired without achieving the targeted 40,000 cusecs outflow of water from the lake. In 10 days since the chief of NDMA had a dialogue on the zero Point of Attabad Lake with the protesting residents of Shishkat, Gulmit and rest of Gojal, who had threatened their lives with assuming work on the widening of the spillway, only 15,500 cusecs of water is out flowing. Thousands of displaced people from the area have threatened to restart their efforts to widening the spillway putting their lives on risk.

Photo By: Zulfiqar Ali Khan

The government and local administration has stated that they would impose section 144 and will not allow anybody to put his/her life on risk along with hundred others.

The level of water in the lake has decreased 13 inches which according to government sources is happened due to widening of the spillway, and it is assured that no more settlements will submerge into water. The government sources further state that more blasting and widening of the lake would put endangers thousands of lives downstream.

The Attabad Disaster in which 20 people of Attabad died has caused the blockage of Hunza River on January 4, 2010 and since then due to the accumulation of water in the upstream of the blockage a 24 kilometer long lake is formed. The formation of the lake has caused submerging of the 25 KM of the Karakorum Highway  as well as homes, cultivable land and orchards in the Shikhkat, Ayeenabad, and Gulmit spread over thousands of acres of precious land. People in these areas have threatened to do mass suicide for their plight due to the negligence of the government.  


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