[Report] Jamat-e-Dawa, Bahria Foundation and Disaster hit Area of Gojal, Hunza

Gilgit (Ahmed Mukhtar) :Youth of Hunza and Gojal have raised their severe concern over the news and activities of Malik Riaz in Gulmit ,Hunza.  They demand the activities of Bahria Foundation to be stopped within a week time. Many youth raised the concerns that ‘Bahria Foundation’ is playing its role on the behest of ‘Jamat-e-Dawa’. It is to be noted that Jamat-e-Dawa a banned organization by the UN because of its involvement in sectarian activities of violence had attempted to enter into the Hunza and particularly to upper Hunza (Gojal) but proactive response of youth has stopped it from taking any initiatives.

‘Bahria Foundation’ which is being run by notorious businessman Riaz Malik, has said to be one of the main donors of the ‘Jamat-e-Dawa’ in Punjab. Internal sources have established a strong link between funding of ‘Bahria Foundation’ to ‘Jamat-e-Dawa’. Internal sources have also stated that Jamat-e-Dawa which is running many school and Health Centers in Punjab and Kashmir have said to have provided Human Resources to ‘Bahria Foundation’ to establish its center in Gulmit.

The vicious credentials of Riaz Malik itself and the linkage of ‘Bahria Foundation’ with ‘Jamat-e-Dawa’ have aggravated the situation extensively.

The youth have stated their high level of dissatisfaction with the directors of AKHS for Gilgit-Baltistan and Chairperson for National Services. They said that due to their lake of interest and inappropriate action these floundering institutes  such as ‘Jamat-e-Dawa’ and ‘Bahria Foundation’ have got place in the Gulmit where people were desperately looking towards health Facilities. This has been considered a severe blow to the community services. It has emphasized on AKHSP to intensify its activities in the disaster hit Areas of Gojal immediately.


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